ISSUE: February 2023
Feb - March Vol 24 No 1
Top Articles
  • Ameera Shah
    Ameera Shah is the Promoter & Managing Director of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, a reputed chain of pat..
  • Vandana Luthra
     Vandana founded VLCC in 1989 & it is today a leading beauty and wellness platform with an integrat..
  • Nina Lekhi
    An entrepreneur by profession and a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Nina grew up in a mi..
  • Aastha Almast
    Aastha Almast is the Co-Founder of The New Shop. The New Shop is India's largest omni-channel conven..
ISSUE: December 2022
Dec-Jan Vol 23 No 4
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Jun-Nov Vol 23 No 1
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