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Jul, 22 2023

An Iconic Brand to Reckon With

Levi Strauss & Co., an American apparel company is known worldwide for its Levi’s denim jeans. The brand was established in 1853 and has been popular ever since. Levi's Jeans has been worn by people from all backgrounds, from miners to actors, businessmen, and so on.    

An Iconic Brand to Reckon With



How has been your association with India’s leading apparel brand so far?

Viresh Marda (VM):  Levi’s has been one of the best brands to work with.  The brand is enriched with amazing business ethics, thorough retail focus and ability to drive business.


What inspired you take the Franchise of Levi’s?

VM: Levi’s Strauss has been an iconic brand since centuries. Jeans culture is more or less associated with Levi’s only. It’s strong heritage as well as its success made me become a Master Franchisee and I have only seen success so far.


How has been your entrepreneurial journey so far?

VM: My first Levi’s store opened in 1998 in Jaipur.  At present we operate 28 doors of Levi’s across 13 towns across Rajasthan.  All our outlets have been profitable and have eventually reached projected sales.  Currently we operate 130 retail stores of various brands like Levi’s, United Colors of Benetton, Pepe, Peter England, Tanishq, Titan, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger across Rajasthan.  Out of them around 70 are franchised outlets.  We have progressed from 50 to 130 stores in the last three years only. These figures demonstrate my entrepreneurial journey very well.

Looking at the number, your outlets seem to have achieved good performance and sales.  How did you achieve it? 

VM:  There have been a few guidelines which we have been following since day one. These are timely and adequate stocking, Strong Operations Follow-ups, Training on Selling-Skills and Product sales, Motivated Staff and Inter Store Contests to further boost sales. All these factors are behind the success of our outlets.


How long has been your relationship with the Brand?  Share with us your future plans as well?

VM: I have been associated with Levi’s since 1998, so it has been more than two decades already.  My aim and hope is to continue to expand and grow with the brand as and when opportunity presents itself.  I am positive there is no better brand to be associated within the apparel sector.


Are you planning to add more stores to your kitty of the same brand or any other?

 VM: We are adding almost 20-25 outlets every year to our kitty in Rajasthan. With Levi’s we have more or less covered mostly all important towns so the focus is on like to like growth.


Your take on franchising and why did you choose the same to start your business?

VM: Earlier we were in distribution and realised that the Indian market will eventually move to branded retail in a big way, which is why we chose to venture into franchising. Retail is a very hands-on customer centric model and we felt that with our ethics and operational capability, this is ultimately where the market will move and hence we ventured into this.


What is your say on the Indian Apparel market?

VM: All I can say is that the apparel sector is posed for great growth. We have just scratched the surface till now. Ladies and kids wear especially will be a huge opportunity.


A word of advice for young entrepreneurs.

VM: Dare to take risks which one can handle. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.



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