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The Franchising World June 2022 Issue

Bright & blooming future in flower retail
Flower& gifting industry in India is dominated by a few players. With established brands welcoming partners for growth, the industry is getting organized.
By Beny Sachdeva Jul, 21 2023
Franchising stars of 2022
The best 100 brands are categorised into four segments namely, Established, Emerging, Debutant and International. The Franchising World’s 25th Anniversary Issue is the most voluminous edition that brings together the top crop franchising companies across the sector.
By Beny Sachdeva Jul, 21 2023
Pandemic Testing the Franchise Spirit
The country’s economy suffered considerably with the outbreak of COVID19. It has affected all segments of people, especially the entrepreneurs who were the hardest hit with the lockdown. Let’s have a look at how the pandemic has impinged the Franchisor-Franchisee relation.
By Abha Garyali Jul, 22 2023
An Iconic Brand to Reckon With
Levi Strauss & Co., an American apparel company is known worldwide for its Levi’s denim jeans. The brand was established in 1853 and has been popular ever since. Levi's Jeans has been worn by people from all backgrounds, from miners to actors, businessmen, and so on.    
By Beny Sachdeva Jul, 22 2023

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