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Jul, 21 2023

Bright & blooming future in flower retail

Flower& gifting industry in India is dominated by a few players. With established brands welcoming partners for growth, the industry is getting organized.

Bright & blooming future in flower retail



As a leading flower & gifting retail brand in India, what is unique about your franchise strategy that makes your model click in the market?

Ans- Wehave a very clear vision to expand our roots pan-India.

Our unique franchise strategy is worked upon the following in the market:

  • Low startup cost/franchise cost & quick returns as well
  • Focus on franchise success
  • Innovative & smart product line
  • Robust supply chain & franchise support mechanism
  • Omni channel strategy since 2002

These strategies have helped brand FNP not only as a successful business to invest in, but are the largest chain of floral boutiques in the world now. 


Kindly share your professional journey in detail.

 I started working at an early age, in the year 1986. The major lesson I learnt in my first job is to figure out things and look for solutions on my own. I learned how to tackle situations and problems by being pro-active. In reality, if you have no handholding, situations push you to see problems, find alternatives and later achieve more.

20 years ago, I joined FNP and in 2002, I started the e-commerce division and was responsible for managing its operations in India and abroad. When I joined in 2001, the brand had only 7 franchise outlets. Today, we are the largest floral retail chain in the world having a staggering network of 400+ outlets in more than 125 cities pan India.

I am a firm believer of empowering my team to become efficient future CEOs and letting them take ownership of their work.

  1. Any professional moment that turned the tables for you since you have started working.

 The turnaround for us would be that tomorrow if anybody remembers “phool bhejna hai to Ferns N Petals, if it is cake then its Ferns N Petals and if it’s gifting and personalised then also it should be FNP. To make sure that we are the people who remain at the top of the mind remembered for these are the original guys who kind of brought this business to where we are today, not just to follow and with no zeal.

In 2007, we realised the major shortcomings and loopholes which were not evident at that point of time running the business. We acquired newer technology and from 2007 onwards, we picked up towards the growth trajectory which was never before as it is today.


  1. Your take on franchising.

 Initially we started and realised why we don’t open a brand of our own in the city and all is required to give the guy who can do the flowers the way you do it and how franchising started for us and today we are everywhere.



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