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Jul, 25 2023

Biz Ideas with a Difference

 ‘Innovation is the key to success’ is an old adage which holds a lot of value in the present entrepreneurial world. Similarly in the franchising scenario novelty can surely attract a lot of attention from the consumers, which can spell success for the brand for sure.

Biz Ideas with a Difference



In this article we bring forth the three innovative business concepts which will surely bring along a boom in the franchising arena in the near future.


‘Pre-School’ of Cricket Academy

Cricket has been the love and passion in India rather than just a sport that is played for enjoyment. It has become a lucrative career opportunity for the youth of today. All parents wish and hope that their child becomes the next little master (Sachin Tendulkar) of our nation. However there has always been a gap in teaching cricket independently. Children learn to play while in school but it lacks the professional touch. It remains a hobby till years for talented kids who sometimes miss the opportunity to be cricketers due to the dearth of cricket academies.


Looking at the scope for training in the field, Mickey Arthur Early Learning Cricket Center (MAELCC) has been initiated which aims to take the love for cricket a notch higher by imbibing it in a young age in kids. Early Learning in cricket is a key to long term success. Kids can learn the right skills with the help of proven International learning techniques in Cricket from the age of three years onwards. That’s the USP of the brand as it’s for the 3-11 year olds. MAELCC can be the ‘nursery’ for kid’s cricket training and from here on the real talents can be passed to the larger academies. Sameer Akhil Kachru, Co-Founder, MAELCC shares, “Mickey Arthur, ICC Coach Representative till 2020 on the ICC Cricket Committee is the co-promoter of this brand with me. The market is huge and insatiable. We hope to have thousands of franchise centres pan India in the next few years.” Mickey Arthur is considered one of the best cricket coaches ever in International Cricket. All his learning has been incorporated in the training modules which will be taught to all the young kids (3-11 year old) of India and eventually the world.

Regarding the void in the market for organised training academies, Kachru says, “The pre-school cricket education wave is about to come. The market has a big void which needs to be filled in. It will become a crowded market soon. Early franchisee entrants will make more money and will enjoy that initial advantages.”

Being novel as well as a lucrative franchise opportunity the brand is sure to attract many aspirants with its offerings. Kachru adds “Franchisees have great paybacks in this business with an investment under Rs 10 lakh. Also, operational costs are so low that sustenance is not an issue in the initial phase. Opening a unit can take less than 7 days if you have the space (400 sq ft onwards). Not to forget we can convert existing infra into an MAELCC unit quickly and start on.


Rental Designer Fashion Wear

Indian fashion rentals, a novel concept is making luxury available at our doorstep, especially for the youth who are basking in all its glory. This trend is only heading upwards and there is more to be experimented and explored in this space.

Designer fashion rental as a biz has a lot of potential for the Indian market. Currently Indian ethnic wear holds a market value of INR 1.5 lakh crore and Women wear contributes to 81 per cent in that share (ie INR 1.21 lakh crore). This number continues to grow significantly which implies that fashion market size is large and booming. This market is catering to both men and women encompassing as much of the market potential as possible. 


What makes Designer Rentals a Recipe for Success?

  • Love for designer wear among the youth
  • Renting designer clothes is easy on pockets
  • Flaunting designer outfits on social media becomes easy with rentals
  • There is less stress of having to repeat an outfit specially after spending a hefty amount on buying it
  • Usually designer wear require a lot of care but that is no longer a concern for a renter
  • Gen-Z and Millenials prefer access than ownership.


Working Model

As per the current success model, omni-channel has been leading the game. Rental companies focus their marketing on deriving footfall online and getting traction to the collection. However, major transactions take place at the store which gives the consumer the first hand look and feel of the product. Therefore both online and offline aspects are equally essential. Customers can choose items online and if they wish to try on something they can set up a visit to their nearest store. 


Aanchal Saini, Founder, FLYROBE on taking the franchise route says, “Franchising allows entrepreneurs to venture into sustainable entrepreneurship by opening a rental fashion store in their own city. We have realized the growing markets of rental and tier 2 cities are a huge potential with an ever growing demand. The pilot franchise of Flyrobe has been launched in Bengaluru and was a massive success leading to a pan India initiative. This is a very promising project as we have an existing user base across India and the potential of an offline store is largely untapped as consumers are waiting to go check out the offline store.” 

Taking a rental fashion franchise can be a gateway to a well-established business as the companies in this have built their brand value and are included in the premier rentals brands across India. This is a key opportunity for entrepreneurs, as they will have a first mover advantage by being the first in the city to commence designer rentals, not only will this attract media attention but also establish a monopoly for them.

 Pet Grooming & Training

Pets are our best friends and greatest empathisers but they also need to be loved and cared for in return. Earlier dogs, the most loved and adored pets were kept with the purpose of guarding homes but now they are kept more for companionship and for playing etc. Now-a-days most people tend to love and take care of their pets like family members. This shift in nurturing and loving pets has brought about a need for pet grooming and training centres in the country.

 Pet training and grooming centre is a recent evolvement but is growing by leaps and bounds. However, this segment is mostly unorganized with many centres opening up but only few to be trusted among them. Therefore its time that this segment becomes more organised with trusted and dependable brands that clients can easily send their pets for betterment.

 Scoopy Scrub & Pet Bytes enjoys being one of India’s only n largest professional, certified grooming salon & training, pet shop chain.  As shared by Sanjeev Kumar, Owner, Scoopy Scrub, “Our brand and services are ever evolving, trying to upgrade all elements in every field. Scoopy Scrub is the pioneer as far as pet industry is concerned, right from professional certified grooming, breed specific styling, offering services to all kinds of pets to pet transportation, pet bakery, five star boarding n lodging services, pet photography to almost any requirements that a pet or a pet parent may want.”

 He added, “We were the first to start franchising as a pet brand & the only one to provide guidance, counselling, training along with a certification course under the franchise system.  Having created the stepping stone and a firm base for the Pet Industry and pet lovers, we expect this Industry to grow multi-fold in the next few years.” Presently the brand has a large network in 20 states, 32 cities with 51 branches, 11 in Delhi/NCR & 47 franchises across India, 1 in Mauritius, with an affiliate branch in Bangkok.


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