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Jul, 24 2023

Beautifying Future with Lakme

Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd, a 100 percent subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever has been operating India’s leading chain of Lakmé Salons since more than 40 years. The brand offers expert services in hairstyling, skin and beauty care. In this issue, TFW speaks to Sanjay Goyal, a proud Franchisee of Lakme Salon, who owns 11 successful Lakme Salons and is planning to increase his kitty size further with the brand.  

Beautifying Future with Lakme

How has been your association with India’s leading Beauty Salon ‘Lakme Lever’ so far?

When and what inspired you to take the franchise of Lakmé?

When my family and I wanted to expand and enter the beauty industry, the obvious and only choice was Lakmé Salon, due to its legacy and reputation. In 2000, when the beauty industry started growing and Lakmé Salon was expanding, we spoke to some people in the industry and learnt about the comprehensive franchise support model, which convinced us that taking a Lakmé Salon franchise was the right decision.


So far you own around 11 Lakmé Salons. They seem to have achieved real good performance. What is the secret behind running successful outlets? How did you make this happen?
Lakmé Salon offers a comprehensive franchise support model to ensure success – from operations and legal to expert training and soft skills, they cover everything before you open the salon, which is extremely helpful. The rewards and recognition programs for partners and experts also encourages us to work hard and earn more. Beyond that, we ensure that we work ethically and transparently, keep our teams happy because, as a brand, Lakmé Salon is people’s first, and focus on customer delight.

What are your future plans? Are you planning to add more stores to your kitty of the same brand or any other?

SG: We have been running Lakmé Salon and Lakmé Academy franchises across north India for almost two decades now and, given the success we have achieved, we plan to open as many more franchises in the next year. 

Your take on franchising! Why did you choose the same to start your business?
There are multiple advantages for starting a franchise business. You are able to draw on the reputation and processes of an existing legacy brand, while also being an independent entrepreneur. As Lakmé Salon franchise partners, we have been supported, guided and rewarded at every step of the way. The brand ensures success and it is a lucrative business, so it’s been a win-win for us. 



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