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Jul, 21 2023

Franchising stars of 2022

The best 100 brands are categorised into four segments namely, Established, Emerging, Debutant and International. The Franchising World’s 25th Anniversary Issue is the most voluminous edition that brings together the top crop franchising companies across the sector.

Franchising stars of 2022


Top 100 Franchise Opportunities 2022 Parameters for Selection

  • Annual turnover of the company
  • Company operational since
  • Year of starting franchising
  • Number of cities present in
  • Number of franchise units
  • Percentage of total business from franchise
  • Total investment and area required
  • Franchise fee • Royalty fee
  • Marketing Cost (percentage of sales)
  • Working Capital (per month)
  • Return on Investment
  • Number of employees required to run a franchise unit
  • Expected break-even time
  • Average business from a franchise unit Number of franchisees owning more than one unit
  • Number of stores in small, mid and large format
  • Year-on-year growth for the last three years
  • Franchise success milestone

Methodology: The process of evaluation & the selection procedure of the Top 100 brands involved an extensive process. It started with a survey that was carried out among close to 600 investors across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Chandigarh and UP. After getting the responses from 500+ franchisors, the editorial team went through each and every details sent from the company to sieve out the crème de la crème brands that are worth investing in.

These are the brands that will rewrite the rules of the franchise industry through their robust replicable franchise business model in the B2B space while capturing the B2C space through their innovative products and services.

Franchising sectors

Food & Beverage , Retail, Technology, Apparel, E-Commerce, Cleaning, Fashion & Lifestyle, Education & Training, Financial Services, Health, Beauty & Fitness, Automobile & Fuel, Fashion Accessories, Hospitality, Innovative solutions, Logistics & Courier services Etc

Established Brands: Best of the rest

Established franchisors had to go through challenging times to become the leaders in their category. We tell you, how these foremost franchisors accomplished the top slot in the established segment. We havecherry-pickednumerous brands with proven businessmodels that are offering a feasible franchisable business to the newbies who are looking for best of the opportunities to invest into.
As per the industry insiders, thefranchising industry in India is growing progressively and is fuelling entrepreneurial activity in every sector. Topping the charts are Health & Beauty, F&B  followed by other segments like tech services, education & training, fashion & lifestyle & automobile

The brands in established segment have built their positionremarkably and had been able to
occupy their market amid fierce competition.Franchising  now allows the entrepreneurs to
get into businesses without any prior years of industry experience and it won't even fail as they have the best of standard operating procedures for carrying out  business.

Emerging Brands :Where there is will,there is a way


Doughlas MacArthur once said: "A better world shall emerge based on faith and understanding." The above mentioned line is best suited for any franchising brand that has adopted a sure shot method to outshine in its respective field i.e the franchise business model. There are many popular franchising companies, which have not yet become the industry leaders but have gained recognition with their strong presence in the market. These promising brands are the future leaders and are thus categorised as emerging brands.


Since 1999, The Franchising World has been serving the Indian franchise fraternity with a platform to different franchising businesses as it is the most reliable, low cost and best available business model to start one’s own business. The industry has different categories under which the leading players and new entrants have created their niche accordingly, but emerging category is no less that their competitors. With over eight to ten years of experience in the franchising industry, emerging players are ready to give tough competition to their counterparts. They are young and promising who have recently tasted success owing it to franchising and have a lot more to achieve in the years to come. They are not market leaders, but they are no less in becoming one in the times to come.


From this special Top 100 issue, we have tried to render identity and popularity to the emerging brands who continue to show their enthusiasm for more successes, as they strive high to newer heights through franchising. Here we have jotted down the profile of the best among all the emerging franchise brands that have made their place in the franchise industry recently. Also flip through the ensuing pages to learn what kind of business opportunities this category and its players have to offer the potential franchisees.


Debutant Brands: Fresh yet Flourishing

In the ensuing pages let's see what amount of opportunity debutant brands have to offer in franchising. Since the inception of  The Franchising World magazine, a lot of new players in franchising industry have come an board with us and have forayed
into the Indian market with great elan and poise. We could not afford to ignore the upcoming franchise concepts in the market that are new in the franchise business and have shown the way to a new opportunity and have the vigour to be the best in the coming years, we decided to provide a special place in our anniversary issue due to their promising exponential growth in the years to come.

After a thorough research and mind boggling studies, we have enlisted the debutant brands that are unique. Most of the concepts featured under this section have been launched for the first time but many others have registered tremendous growth in their first or second year of operation. Though the brand's strategies and concepts are at nascent stage at present but have the potential to stand  out in the crowd, finding a new  consumer base and partners to associate with However, an interesting feature about the debutant brands is that many of them are launched by prominent names in the industry. These names have already proven their mettle in  theindustry with their set franchise strategies and plans to register the same growth in the arena of franchising. 


International Brands: Global opportunities gigantic returns


International brands  have been making a beeline to enter the Indian market. Various sectors have been witnessing an invasion of sorts by foreign brands. Rip through the pages and we have franchise and investment details of the best of the international brands that have made headway into the Indian land.  Many international brands are entering Indian land for more and better opportunities. Not just food and Beverage but other sectors like hotels, heath n fitness and retail brands are quickly making foray into India and expanding via multiple formats. We bring to you top brands from the International facade that are offering money spinning opportunities in India. The substantial growth of the middle class, rising disposable incomes, increasing  urbanisation and growing brand awareness are factors fuelling this foreign phenomenon. The demand curve has gone high for the international brands in the past 20 years.  Earlier there were only a few brands that could possibly make India foray and expand. Now, the list is long.


These Videshi brands are presenting such avenues to investors that are worth talking about. Most foreign brands have opened their outlets at premium locations. Its for maximum footfalls and gains. And with this foreign fixation here to stay, international brands offer lucrative
opportunity to their franchisees. These brands however expect franchisees to align with their standard operating procedures and imbibe their work culture. Fallowing pages will take you through some of the well-known names from abroad that are scripting their success stories on Indian territory. Read on to know how you can be a part of them.

Caution: Though we have worked on certain parameters to bring forth the best opportunities available in the industry, still these should not be considered as the only means and a thorough research should be carried out before finalizing any business.


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