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Jul, 25 2023

Divine business for dearer returns

Diviniti,  a 60 years old brand that built block to block to emerge as a leader in manufacturing and retailing spiritual products & god figurines in India is one business success story that has been an inspiration for many entrepreneurs.  It is a story of how the brand has emerged as the leading player in its category.

Divine business for dearer returns



  What lead to the birth of the Divine brand Diviniti?

The idea of creating a top of the line spiritual brand with its ethos deeply embedded in age old Indian tradition was conceived over 60 years ago. The journey which started as a passion of a young artist, has crossed a number of milestones both in creativity and in uniqueness of its products. Artists and craftsmen associated with the company have created several master pieces in the past six decades which adorn the temples and living rooms of many luminaries world over.


 What potential do you see in franchising or scaling this business concept?

 Franchising helps a budding entrepreneur to start with an established business model and work in their market. Over the period of 65 years, Diviniti has established a business model which is easier to understand and replicate. We master the manufacturing of our product line based on pure gold and silver. Franchisees only need to replicate the sales and marketing model with company support. It’s lot more easier than melting an icecream in the month of June.

 The spiritual and religious market is worth of INR 2.5 lakh crore. The Indian religious and spiritual market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 10.15% during 2022-2027.

What motivated you to take the franchise route for expansion?

 The market projections, product quality and existing market share of the company alongwith the customer feedback makes us feel to operate at ground level to connect with existing and new customers really pushes us to expand through franchising. Moreover, under make in India concept, we are looking to bring more self-sustained businessman and create ample employment in the market.

Which all cities & towns are you looking at as potential cities to expand?

 Our potential is not limited to any geographical boundaries. Our product line defines no geography restriction. We have served customers from Tier A to Tier C cities. As we say, premium yet affordable, we are able to serve any budget.

What are the benefits of becoming a franchisee/investor of your brand?

 Association with the brand brings along a lot of advantages. Firstly, a license to use a brand name with legacy of six decades behind it  & to cater to the market with 1 Lakh+ products and developing more. The best part about is to work with an established business model.

 What criteria do you follow to select the partners & what kind of training and support do you provide?

      Partner Requirements

  • Zest to enter into entrepreneurship
  • Must have management skills
  • Go getter attitude
  • No age barrier
  • Last but not the least, investment capacity

 Share with us a successful story of your most dedicated or successful franchisee of your brand.

 We have a partner from Punjab who is associated with the brand since its almost inception. When there was no internet, no proper communication channel and neither there was fast transportation to every city, it was his believe in the brand and products that he used to carry kilos of products on his back to market it in the geography and had established an astonishing sales graph catering to what we call devotees.

 Technology has become an essential part of all businesses, how do you utilize technology in your business.

 Technology has become the soul of any business. Whetherits related to operations, sales, manufacturing or accounting, technology plays a vital role. We are using E-com as the parallel line of revenue, SAP based ERP to channelize operations, sales, CRM management, manufacturing and accounting. Technology has been integrated to automate every aspect within and outside the organization.

 Franchise facts

  1. Area required: 150-300 sqft
  2. Investment: INR 5 Lakh – INR 13 Lakh
  3. Franchising since: 2022
  4. ROI: Avg. 174%
  5. Break-even: 10.5 months – 17 months



  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Certification
  • Diviniti product line is crafted by skilled professionals and state of art equipment’s.
  • Product line is based on pure 24K Gold and 999 Silver. Both are purest forms in their categories.
  • Technology being used is state-of-the-art and can’t be copied in the market easily. This technology is one of the oldest and purest technology.
  • 12 design patents and preparing to introduce more design patents.
  • Supplying to dominant geographies in particular categories viz. Mumbai is considered the base land for silver items and Diviniti penetrated their territory. It’s just because of the quality of the product.
  • Customization, what seeks various markets. We are the top gifting solution provider with requested customization in existing products and developing customized new products.
  • One of the top investors in product R&D worldwide.




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