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Drivers of Change

Excalibre Inc offers dramatic value propositions in enhancing critical measures of performance - quality, service speed and cost.

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BY Franchise India | September 18, 2010 | COMMENTS ( 0 ) |

Drivers of Change
K S Ahulawalia Founder, Excalibre Inc.

Excalibre Inc offers dramatic value propositions in enhancing critical measures of performance - quality, service speed and cost.

Franchise India (FI): What exactly your product and the business model? What kind of businesses do you offer coaching?

KS Ahulawalia (KS): Excalibre Inc goal is to spark a new intellectual capital by sharing ideas positioned at an angle to conventional thought – in short to facilitate meaningful and intense interactions that disturb the present in the service of a better future.

The business model is simple, authentic and easily implementable - wherein facilitations in forms of coaching, mentoring, training and strategic advisory are addressed to thoughtful leaders, executives and managers across organizations who are struggling yet committed to responsible change.

FI: Please tell us something about your background.

KS: My 27 years of business experience has spanned sales, operations, logistics, and retailing, consulting and management roles. I began my professional career at Jenson & Nicholson, in sales and then moved across to Blow Plast ltd, Yellow Pages Publishing, FedEx, HCL Corporation and finally as head operations with Jardines Matheson’s joint venture in India. While in these roles,    I provided strategic direction to enhance the quality, delivery and creation of targeted service offerings.

FI: Tell us about Excalibre Inc.

KS: Excalibre Inc offers dramatic value propositions in enhancing critical measures of performance - quality, service speed and cost. Leadership evolution, coaching and mentoring, raising the skill matrix in sales, communications, customer orientation, relationship management, optimizing productivity, creating high net worth teams, are addressed and in customized formats to suit various needs.

FI: Business coaching is a multimillion dollar industry in the west. What is the state of the industry in India?

KS: Business or individual coaching in India is in the initial stages of embryonic growth that needs to be nurtured with care, understanding, passion and an unrelenting commitment to effect the change. We believe that it’s a great and sensitive opportunity which comes bundled with huge responsibility.  Hence only those should venture, who are desirous to be the change and possess thick stomach lines.

FI: Are mentoring and coaching similar?

KS: Mentoring is biased in your favor. Coaching is impartial, focused on improvement in behavior. The mentor has a deep personal interest, personally involved and is like a friend who cares about you and your long term development. The coach develops specific skills for the task, challenges and performance expectations at work.

Yet in India , the separating line amongst coaching and mentoring is diffused, in most cases dissolved. Amusingly it’s a synonym for counseling – preaching, where one with a better authority, mostly in line command assumes the mentors/coach’s role and starts directing the other on complying with the established legacy norms.

FI: What is your future growth plan for Excalibre Inc?

KS: My goals in the next five years is to increase participation to pan India  and touch over 100 towns. Next is, exploring the franchise model in C & D Class towns, thereby extending Excalibre Inc’s reach. Special focus would be to empower woman gender such that entrepreneurship as an automatic choice gets inculcated.


Exploring possibilities for reducing unit costs by increasing automated preparation and packaging of products, optimizing staffing and obtaining benefits from economies of scale in procurement, marketing, staff recruitment, training and evolution for SMEs and young entrepreneurs.

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