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Credit rating and the SME sector

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September 09, 2011 | COMMENTS ( 1 )

Shankar, speaking on Entrepreneur India 2011spoke on the role of the credit rating agency in relation to the SME sector. He spoke about the economic condition of India and the changes ever since liberalisation and globalisation thronged our country since 1991. He emphasized that exchange, inflation, cost structure, commodity prices affects each one of us today. In this context the most vulnerable state of players are the SME, despite all hurdles it is the SME sector which is expected to grow more than 20% at an average by for the next 15 years; becoming large players affirmed Shankar. And the role of his organisation is to provide a stamp of existence to the SME stating its existence he informed.

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September 26, 2011 at 6:40 pm


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