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7 Tips to Make Content Work for You

When you start your own business, you generally tend to take advice from people who have made their mark in the respective domains. You think about capital investment, return on investment, profit and loss, monthly expenditures, workforce, and other such things. How often do you think of content? Yes! If to a business, the customer is the king, then relevant content is surely the queen.

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Yours business may be an online or offline one, B2B or B2C; no matter what medium you choose, you need to understand that in order to market your company and its products and services well, relevant content is essential. From marketing and communication elements to social media touchpoints, content is what drives opinions for you and your brand.
As a small entrepreneur, you need to market yourself, and obviously, do it well. Along with other forms, content marketing is also pivotal if you want to get noticed. You might be producing content regularly for all your social media channels or blogs, but it must have a direction. Without one, you are likely to be shooting in the dark – trying to reach the target without knowing what it actually is. That is probably what you would never want because for a start-up or SME, resources and time are important factors.


With the advent of digital media, marketing has become easier. It is also equally difficult. Reaching out to masses is not difficult anymore. What is difficult is grabbing eyeballs. With every other organisation trying to be No. 1, content is the only factor that can set you apart from the rest. Here are top seven tips to make your content work for you:

1. Make your copy error free: You must make sure that the copy is free of grammatical errors, formatting discrepancies, spelling mistakes, and is topnotch. A scrappy, untidy copy with repetitions cannot earn you popularity, let alone better business.

2.  Make tone addressing the target audience: It is important to understand your audience. Keeping that in mind, the tone of the content can vary from formal or classy to informal and conversational.

3. Carefully choose the medium: There are multiple mediums of communication. Your sales collaterals will change according to the medium you are using. A long feature article will be good for the print medium, whereas online media requires short and smart updates at regular intervals. For visual medium, you need short and catchy advertisements which make sense and convey the right message.

4.  Maintain clarity in expression: If you think that it is cool to use callous tone/language, re-think. There is a lot of difference between what we speak and what we write. Specially, when you are writing content to promote yourself, be careful – your prospective clients will form their impressions about you based on what you say and how you say it.

5. Avoid repeating competitors’ strategy: If you want to compete, you have to know what your competitors are doing. You need to avoid repeating what others are doing and risking getting sued. That is when a proper plan helps to prepare for a good buffer period for churning the exact content that you need.

6. Keep investment in mind: Capital is very important for any new business. Every step needs to be measured against monetary investment and possible resultant gains. A content strategy will help you figure out what type of content you need, whether you need a person dedicated to the purpose and the investment you would need to make.

7. Manage content smartly: Success lies in the ability to achieve more by doing less, and doing it well. Producing endless pages of content may not be best for your customers or your business. You need to curate and schedule content smartly.
If you are getting an answer “No” when you ask yourself:  “Have we recognised the accurate business goal?” or “Are the customers getting the right message from the content?” or  “Have I measured the success of the content?”, take a break! Stop and think; you might be going in the opposite direction of what you actually want. Now would be a good time for a reality check.

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