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How LingosMio reached 70K subscribers within 6 months of launching

How LingosMio reached 70K subscribe

Alok Arora, Founder & CEO, LingosMio.com  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

LingosMio is a product of Insperia Education. It is a language-learning platform, where users can learn languages through full-fledged online courses...

Backpacking hotel chain Vedanta Wake Up! to redefine budget travel segment in India

Backpacking hotel chain Vedanta Wak

Rishabh Gupta, Founder, Vedanta Wake Up!  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

The venture was launched in July 2011 to target the fast growing budget travel segment in India....

Creating a platform for comics and pop event culture: Jatin Varma, Comic Con India

Creating a platform for comics and

Jatin Varma,Founder of Comic Con India  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Comic Con India is a unique event which brings together the whole comics industry and related fields....

How Zoffio.com is redefining office supplies market in India

How Zoffio.com is redefining office

Abhishek Kamani, CEO, Zoffio.com  |  COMMENTS ( 1 )  |

With a revenue growth of 50 per cent in the last year, Zoffio.com is eyeing a revenue of Rs 350-400 crore in the next three years....

Square Yards helping Indian diaspora invest in domestic real estate market

Square Yards helping Indian diaspor

Tanuj Shori, Co-founder, Square Yards  |  COMMENTS ( 4 )  |

Today, Square Yards is a $6 million company with offices in 5 countries and 14 cities in India....

How Credihealth is solving real pain points in healthcare industry

How Credihealth is solving real pai

Saurabh Uboweja (L), Ravi Virmani (C), Gaurav Gaggar(R), Co-founders, Credihealth  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

The team aims to build a credible, transparent healthcare information system in India....

How Swapnil Kamat is helping professionals 'Work Better'

How Swapnil Kamat is helping profes

Swapnil Kamat, Founder & CEO, Work Better  |  COMMENTS ( 1 )  |

Kamat has managed to challenge the way corporate training are looked at, by focusing on behavioural, soft-skills & management domain....

Amura Technologies eyeing more than 100% growth in coming fiscal

Amura Technologies eyeing more than

Vikram Kotnis, Co-founder, Amura Technologies  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Vikram Kotnis shares his journey on what inspired him to enter into the world of digital marketing....

Aim to make wine the new beer: Myra Vineyards

Aim to make wine the new beer: Myra

Ajay Shetty, MD, Myra Vineyards  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Ajay Shetty, MD, Myra Vineyards shares his entrepreneurial journey on what inspired him to become entrepreneur from a banker....

Young startups are the backbone of agriculture sector: Jinesh Shah, Omnivore Partners

Young startups are the backbone of

Jinesh Shah, Founder and Partner, Omnivore Partners  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Shah speaks about the challenges and opportunities that agripreneurs in India are facing today....

Digital marketing gaining ground in India

Digital marketing gaining ground in

Viren Anand, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Networkplay  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Viren Anand shares its views on the transformational growth of his company....

To build a network of 5,000 business associates: IndiaOnline

To build a network of 5,000 busines

Rahul Jalan, MD, Indiaonline.in  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

In an interaction with Entrepreneur India, Rahul Jalan, MD, Indiaonline.in unfolds the mystery behind creating a pool of 350 websites, which covers...

"Banks can finance the growth plan

Anil Khaitan, Chairman and MD, Sunil Healthcare  |  COMMENTS ( 11 )  |

Sunil Healthcare, which was founded with an investment of Rs one-and-a-half crore, has now earned the turnover of Rs 160 crore. The company claimed...

Packaging Growth

Packaging Growth

Hemant Ogale, MD, Nichrome India  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Out of 700 odd packaging machinery manufacturers in India, 95 per cent belongs to the SME sector. Currently, there is a high need for more quality...

Serving Customers Fresh Tea

Serving Customers Fresh Tea

Kaushal Dugar, Founder, TeaBox   |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Teabox is the only premium tea brand that delivers teas directly from its origin to customer. With fulfillment center in the heart of tea producing...

"Do Something Different, Be Positiv

Vimal Kedia, MD, Manjushree Technopack Ltd  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

\"India being a highly diverse country has enabled businesses of varied nature to thrive successfully. To start off entrepreneurial journey, an...

Riding high on Agri-Logistics

Riding high on Agri-Logistics

Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO, Sohan Lal Commodity Management  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

India\'s annual loss of around Rs 60 k crore of food grain is because of inefficient logistics. Sandeep Sabharwal started Sohan Lal Commodity...

Building Future Leaders

Building Future Leaders

Tapan Rayaguru, Executive Director, Career Coaching, Sunstone Business School  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Started in 2010, Sunstone Business School focuses on three fundamental concepts of a low cost structure, focus on learning than teaching and...

"Quality Work Will on its Own Trans

Akash Kapoor, Co-Founder, InfraBuild Venture Partners  |  COMMENTS ( 3 )  |

In an interaction with SMEntrepreneur, Akash Kapoor, Co-Founder, InfraBuild Venture Partners, talks about his entrepreneurial journey, Indian start-up...

Propelling antaragni for success!

Propelling antaragni for success!

Vineet Bajpai, CEO, Magnon Solutions Pvt Ltd  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Vineet Bajpai, Founder and CEO of Magnon Solutions Pvt Ltd & Magnon International Pvt Ltd dreams to be a definitive market leader of the Indian...

Guiding Food and Nightlife Lovers

Guiding Food and Nightlife Lovers

Pankaj Chaddah, CEO, Zomato  |  COMMENTS ( 2 )  |

In his quest for a perfect dining place and a night hang out, Pankaj Chaddah set up Zomato.com which is a guide for foodies and nocturnal birds. The...