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Using 'Training Need Analysis' to decode organisational DNA

TNA helps us to chart out our organisational kundali and understand its specific behaviours and the reason for the same.

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Training Need Analysis (TNA) is a highly critical phase of Organizational Diagnosis & Development. However, very few go for a detailed diagnostic test of their organisation with the wisdom to prevent dis­ease. Many opt for the repair work, but struggle to cure it because they do the mistake of focusing on the symptoms rather than treating the root cause.

Every organisation has a culture, which is a product of the traits transferred to it by its founders, investors and/or the senior management steering its wheel. Every organisation is programmed to function the way it does because of the DNA it carries. Most of the time it an erroneous instinctive reaction rather than a guided response and the reason being, many companies don't realise the importance of Learning & Development till it is too late.

A company is born out of a marriage of ideologies, blend of cultures, not to mention the compromises and off course, making and breaking of promises galore. Yes, Eureka! Marriage is a marriage; either professional or personal. The bundle of joy, our company, is a result of our love and no matter how passionate one may be, a company needs time to grow from childhood to adulthood.

Our experience in life testifies the fact that a genius is born out of challenging circumstances and experience rather than just hereditary pass on. While the DNA surely gives the basic frame work; the mind and soul can never really be framed and one surely can be transformed through training/learning.

Transformation does happen. Whether it is Valmiki-­Ramayana, Kalidasa­-Shakuntalam or Jobs­-Apple; we understand the fact that self­-realisation brings a miraculous change in an individual and manifests as brilliance through one's work. The same applies to our organisation. One should never forget that people make or break an organisation. A healthy organisation will surely be a wealthy organisation.

TNA helps us to chart out our organisational kundali and understand its specific behaviours and the reason for the same. Once the cause­-effect is know, it is all about re-programming the subconscious mind of the stakeholders. And yes, this is where the process of training comes into picture. Remember, this process of unlearning/learning needs time and one has to be realistic in acknowledging this fact.

One of the best places to know the organisational culture of any company is a simple interaction with the security at the reception. If one is unable to control the soldiers at the door, one can never really control the brigades in the boardroom.

Every organisation has gaps and one bridges it through experiential learning. Just like every relationship blossoms with time and effort, departments and executives prosper together and they too have a turn around time.

One of the most common gaps is inter departmental where in the departments become a company within a company. Breaking this miserable attitude of “We vs They” requires a strong MENTOR who Motivates, Empowers, Nurtures, Trains, Organises and helps everyone reap the benefits.

Learning and Development through training is a highly effective way of bridging the gaps in the organisation. The start point of which is a realisation that training is required; after which comes the Training Need Identification, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and finally the Evaluation. This entire process of Learning & Development is fruitful, when stakeholders are genuinely passionate about organisational development and growth.

Just like a kid needs proper parenting, an organisation needs professional mentoring. Even the best of the best executives in a company need a mentor just like the greatest warrior – Partha needed a Sarathi.

The true essence of consultative training is to help the company identify and develop its mentors, who in turn diagnose and develop organisation. The bottom line is to create a healthy business ecosystem.

Wishing you a fantastic learning and development experience.

The writer of this article is Keshav Sridhar, Corporate Trainer, Author and Founder of ORATE Training & Placement Services. The views expressed here are personal.

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