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How to create a sound culture ?

Culture reflects the image of the company in the market

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BY Arindam Ghosh  |  Sep 23, 2010 comments ( 0 ) |

Culture is the backbone of any business venture. The term ‘Culture’ incorporates a company’s value system, a company’s personality; behaviour transferred by one employee to the other in the company and the way operations are carried out in the organization.

Importance of culture

A proper culture builds the image of the company in the market and actions of the entrepreneur are responsible for it.

In our childhood, our parents, teachers and elders tell us how to socialize and develop a good and harmonious relationship with others, and better we are cultured the more we are appreciated in our society. In the same manner, in case of any business venture it is the primary job of the concerned entrepreneur to spread a good work culture so that his/her business venture do good business and are able to sustain.

If the culture of your organization works on the lines of perfection, trust and honesty, the employees will also respond in the same manner.

In brief, it will be apt to say that culture is not a written law or it is prescribed by any authorized agency but following a proper culture ensures a strong footing of the company which is functioning in any segment of the business and further ensures work satisfaction as well as success.

It needs to be present in all the sections of a business venture from its operations to administrations to sales and all the other related departments.


Culture has certain key elements

Values- Values forms an important part of business culture in any organization. It covers the honesty, trustworthiness and business ethics, it needs to prominently present in all the departments (like sales and administration) of the organization.

Respect – Respecting the needs and demands of the employees, the customers and the supplier within the framework of the company’s working guidelines is very important for the entrepreneur. It will primarily help the entrepreneurs develop a very fruitful and a productive relationship with all the parties, which may result in higher profits and increased productivity for his/her business venture.


Certain tips towards establishing a healthy culture-

Time – This is the most important criteria towards image building of the company. Time needs to be followed by both the entrepreneurs and the employees, and further the entrepreneur needs to create and develop an atmosphere where he and his employees are always on time for any business appointments, engagements meetings, events and occasions. It leaves behind a good impression about the company and its employees in the market.

Hiring – Hiring right employees for the organization is important. The entrepreneur should try and hire employees that should play a productive role in enhancing the company’s work culture.

Delegate – It is also important for the entrepreneur to give an appropriate job to the appropriate, this will generate better results and in quicker time.

Cordial relationship with customers and employees – Entrepreneur needs to be very responsible in handling his relationship with clients and customers and his employees. The better he is at handling his clients and his employees, the better he can market himself and make a name for himself.

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