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Logo: the emblem of your company

Give a professional touch to your company’s logo!

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BY Entrepreneur  |  Sep 23, 2010 comments ( 0 ) |

The other day I came across a ‘Logo Game’. There were around a hundred logos and the maximum companies I could identify from their logos, the greater were my chances to win. It was then I realized how important a logo is for the brand recall of a company.


Some companies have such explicit logos that the name of the company just comes to you as soon as you set your eye on their logo. The swoosh of Nike, the golden arches of Mc Donald’s or the logo of Red Bull are some logos which leave a viewer beyond a shadow of a doubt  about the brand name.


Why is a logo so important?

Logos are a symbol for your company that provides an image for it. It is a memory device used by companies to increase their brand retention. They are the prime identifier of a company. People generally remember visual images better than a simple text and so a logo should be consistent in its design, colour and shape.


Some of the best and easily recognizable logos have a characteristic trait, like the typography of Coca-Cola, the colour scheme of Google and the apple of Apple Inc.


A logo of a company should be able to accomplish two things:

  • It should be able to stand out in the clutter of the numerous logos – The three parallel lines of the elegant Adidas logo can stand out in even the biggest clutter.
  • It should be able to non-verbally communicate the characteristic traits of the brand – Have you ever noticed the arrow in the logo of Federal Express (FedEx) representing the speed and precision of the company?

Why should you get professional logo for your company?

It is simple logic. When you set out to do business, you should present your best to the potential customers and other stake holders. A logo designed with professional aid can help in communicating to your audience better. It must be relevant to the company, it must communicate to the audience and at the same time it should be aesthetically pleasing.

Now something of such immense importance to your business definitely requires professional attention. Especially when you are a small business, you are more prone to competition and have limited resources at your disposal. So you should get the right logo in the first place.


What should be your role in getting a logo designed professionally?

While experienced hands can design the best logos, your role is crucial in the process. After all the message that the logo will communicate has to come from you. You have to decide on the character trait of the company before the message is determined.


Sarbani Sen, Senior Project Co-ordinator at Logo Design India says, “One should be very focused on the type of logo he/she wants. This logo can be mere text based or icon based or illustrative, whichever suits the image or profile of the company. The design, color, readable fonts, clarity each & every factor is an important aspect for the logo. Logo carries the name of the company (most important factor) & it should be noticeable once it is presented to the outer world.”


How much can professional aid cost you?

Sarbani says, “The cost of getting a logo designed varies from company to company. Each and every designing company has their own price range to offer. We offer US$70 (Rs2800) to US$125 (Rs5000) approx for a logo with number of concepts to choose from and revisions to make the logo perfect.”


Now you know that a professionally designed logo will not weigh too heavy on your pocket. So why not go for it?

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