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Apr, 06 2017

‘We have learned everyday with Raymond’

Gautam Chand Jain & Raaj Kumar Jain of Hyderabad have been associated with The Raymond Shop for the past 40 years. They share their mind on the unending support provided by Raymond

When did you start your journey with Raymond?

We started our journey with Raymond almost 40 years ago, and now with five Raymond stores operational and wholesale business too, we are keen to open more stores. Recently, we have added a store at a premium location in Mahavir Chambers, Liberty Circle, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad.

What was the support your franchisor provided you in the retail business?

Raymond has always supported its franchisees in the past and ensured that all kind of support is extended by them right from store designing and planning, providing assistance in executing the store design, identifying the right products to be used in the course of furnishing. Raymond also offers marketing support to its partners by advertising the stores in the local press as well as through outdoor media. The best part is that Raymond has been providing the shopper software to run the operations of its retail stores, which makes the store’s operation run smoothly.

How has been your experience with the brand in terms of operational systems other than the franchise operations?

With Raymond, we learn everyday and the experience has been amazing. The brand has been of immense help to all its business associates, especially the ongoing product knowledge that an entrepreneur gets from the brand helps him grow his business to the next level.

What is the most effective initiative implemented to improve franchise relationships?

The various training initiatives from Raymond have helped us improve the operations of retail store, and the continuous support from visual merchandising department has helped in up keeping of the retail stores well. Unlike other brands, the innovative programme of training tailors will go a long way in improving quality of tailoring and designing of garments. A few initiatives of initiating innovative customer services, including pre-sales and post-sales, managing optimum inventory levels in fabric as well as garments, professionally using customer relation management software (CRM) provided by IT department of Raymond has always helped us in running the business well.

What was the most challenging part of your business?

The most challenging part was to run retail shop profitably because of immense competition from not only other brand, but from Raymond’s own brands working as independent stores working closely to the existing Raymond retail shops.

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