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Apr, 06 2017

The Growing Appetite

The food services market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11 per cent over the next five years to reach $78 billion by 2018

As per reports of National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) and Technopak, the size of the food ser­vices market in India was estimated at $48 billion in 2013, and it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11 per cent over the next five years to reach $78 billion by 2018. An excel­lent cuisine and a chef can do wonders for any restaurant, but in order to attract and retain customers, the ambience of a restaurant always adds an extra push. This is what a theme-based restaurant is all about. In theme-based restaurants, the concept takes the pri­ority over everything else, influencing the architec­ture, food, music, etc.

Cashing In On

With mushrooming of so many restaurants in In­dia, customers are spoilt for choices, and higher expectations than ever. Therefore, restaurant owners are creating the experiences that are dis­tinctive and compelling in order to capture the customers’ attention.

The theme-based res­taurants were originated in 1930 in the western countries. In India, the concept started in early-90s with just a handful of restaurants picking up the trend. Rish Saini, Co-CEO & Director - Market­ing, Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, shared: “Theme-based restaurants in India are on a growth curve unlike witnessed in the western country.

The amount of focus on innovation and the thought process behind every theme-based res­taurant and bar are quite fascinating. Well thought interiors, décor and menu design that captivates the consumer and gives a feeling of nostalgia or something they can relate to.”

The success of restau­rateurs engaged in the concept is the biggest proof that theme restau­rants drive much more customer attention and business as compared to that of a normal res­taurant. According to a spokesperson for Johnny Rockets, “Johnny Rock­ets operates more than 350 franchises and has corporate locations in 28 countries around the world. It is conceptual­ized on the belief that ev­eryone deserves a place, where they can escape from today’s complicated world and experience the uncomplicated goodness of classic Americana.” Saini of Underdoggs says, “Underdoggs has been religiously focused on its theme as a sports bar. It’s important for a brand to build on its core strengths and better de­velop their brand identity over time.”

The Franchise Way

The fastest way for a brand to become a chain is through the franchise route. Many international brands have forayed in India via the franchise route, by partnering with some national company, who know the local busi­ness rules well. The Johnny Rockets’ spokes­person shares, “Johnny Rockets is an American brand, which has been introduced in India by Prime Gourmet. The idea to tie up with this classic Americana Brand was to expand the purview of our beloved Indian food from the conven­tional burgers and shakes companies and to introduce a culture of food service with big smiles and live dance performances.”

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