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Apr, 06 2017

Shake Shack

The growing consumer demand for healthy food & beverages has compelled the industry to innovate itself to address the fast-changing need of this health-conscious segment

In recent times, it is hard to imagine a more dominant F&B trend than the consumer shift towards healthier products. The new-age consumer de­mands a healthy yet tasty alternative to sugar-based beverages. Capital­izing on this trend, many F&B players are offering an extensive menu of healthy and nutritious beverages to the health-conscious consumers.

Adding The ‘Health’ Flavour

The market size of flavoured milk and ice creams is more than Rs 5,000 crore, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30 per cent. This offers great opportunities for companies, who can harness food innovations to deliver healthier options, which meet consumer demand.

“Most of the existing competitors serve flavoured milk, whereas we serve premium shakes blended with premium ice creams. The quality, consistency, taste and pricing set us apart from the other players,” says Yeshwanth Nag Mocherla, Co-found­er, The ThickShake Factory (TTSF).

Talking about the challenges, Aman Arora, Partner & COO, Keven­ters, says, “The main challenges in this industry are to maintain con­sistency in the product and skilled labour. We have been working to manufacture our own super premium ice creams, which develop the taste and quality for the shakes. The ice creams play a major role in the taste of the product, we do not need skilled chefs in the outlet.”

Why franchise?

In order to expand and grow fast, franchising is the best and quickest medium, believes Arora of Keven­ters. “We are looking for passionate people, who are ready to grow the business. He may not be from hospi­tality background as we will provide all the training and equipment to run the business. The basic thing, which we require from the partner, is the commercial site selection of around 100-250 sq ft,” he adds.

Meanwhile, TTSF plans to open about 200 outlets with an invest­ment of Rs 50 crore across India through the franchise model.

Australia-based Boost Juice, which operates Joost Juice Bars, plans to have 100 outlets by 2020. “A fran­chise partner should not be a non-involved one and money shouldn’t be the only criteria in choosing one,” concludes Rivoli Sinha, MD, Joost Juice Bars. 

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