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London Coffee Franchise Cost – How to get, Contact, Apply, Fee

  • Area Req
    500 - 5000 Sq.ft
  • Investment Range
    INR 10 Lakh - 20 Lakh
  • No. Of Franchise Outlets

About brand - London Coffee

About London Coffee

Welcome to London coffee brand! London coffee company was founded in 1975 by Benjamin Fernandez in London with a vision to create a coffee brand that celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of coffee-making while promoting sustainability and positive impact within the coffee industry.

London Coffee Started Rosting Coffee Beans in 1975 London City. Our mission since 1975 has stayed simple: introduce our customers to the estates we directly buy our great tasting coffee from, roast the beans with care, and make high quality coffee more accessible through cafes and our website. The coffee we roast is the coffee we like to drink, and we hope you like it too.

The company's vision is to open 390 stores worldwide by 2025. The London Coffee brand has launched in Japan, China, UK, North America, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, India, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand etc. Started opening its stores in 2023

 London coffee is a leading coffee shop chain that specializes in providing high-quality coffee and a unique café experience to customers. Our company has rapidly grown to become a favorite destination for coffee enthusiasts and individuals seeking a cozy and inviting atmosphere to relax, work, or socialize.

London Coffee is a leading coffee company dedicated to providing coffee enthusiasts with a remarkable and unforgettable coffee experience. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the coffee industry. Our master roasters are passionate craftsmen who transform green coffee beans into a symphony of flavors. With a perfect balance of science and art, they skilfully roast our beans to unlock their inherent qualities and create a range of unique blends and single-origin coffees. We take pride in our roasting process, ensuring consistency and excellence in every batch.

Our Coffee

Our commitment to quality extends to our production process. We employ state of-the-art roasting techniques to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee bean. Our experienced roasters carefully monitor the roasting process to achieve the perfect balance of flavors, ensuring that every batch is of the highest standard.

Sourcing the best coffee beans does not guarantee good coffee.

Although we have a dedicated sourcing team for green beans and have invested in establishing quality roasting parameters, we know that a lot more steps still have to fall into place to brew a good cup. This is why we have worked hard to create coffee training centers to impart leading procedures such as equipping baristas with assessing and reporting tools for precision brewing, and cupping every single batch that is roasted to ensure consistent quality.

Product Range:

Our coffee product range is diverse and caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From single-origin coffees that showcase the unique flavors of specific regions to expertly crafted blends that offer a harmonious combination of taste notes, we have something for every coffee lover. We also provide a selection of flavored coffees, offering exciting and indulgent options to tantalize your palate.

Coffee is an industry that is:

  • All Cash business.
  • One time investment.
  • Low Manpower cost, low operating cost.
  • Recession proof.
  • 365 days revenue.
  • Negligible seasonality – 12 month business.
  • Is relevant in all communities and economic climate.
  • Doesn’t change or get obsolete with technology upgrades.
  • Have low non-perishable inventory requirements.
  • Cannot be outsourced.
  • Is about making people feel good about themselves.
  • Very low competition – Social Barrier.
  • Second thing to drink after water worldwide.
  • Coffee industry is increasing because Consumption is increasing.
  • Market size value in 2023: USD: 24,283.1 million Revenue forecast in 2030: USD 51,404.0 million.
  • Community Gathering Place.

Why choose a London coffee franchise?

It gives an entrepreneur the best of both worlds – the ability to own their franchise business, and ongoing access to support in marketing, advertising, recruiting, retention, training, management, and business. Planning. In addition, they have the power of an international brand working for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to bring them more business.

The ongoing business relationship we provide within the London coffee franchise includes the service, the products, and trademarks, as well as the entire business concept itself from marketing strategy, plan, Standard Operating Procedure, systems, formats, audits, billing software, training, quality control, ongoing assistance, guidance and supervision. In short, it provides small business (the franchisee) with the tools of big business.


Initial Training: The London Coffee Company may provide comprehensive training to franchisees, covering various aspects of coffee preparation, customer service, and sales techniques. This training could include hands-on barista training, product knowledge, and guidance on delivering an exceptional coffee experience.

Operations Manual: The Company may provide franchisees with an operations manual that outlines the standard operating procedures for running a successful coffee franchise. This manual may include guidelines for customer service, sales techniques, inventory management, and quality control.

Marketing and Advertising Support: The London Coffee Company may offer marketing and advertising support to franchisees. This can include providing marketing materials such as branded signage, menus, brochures, and promotional items. They may also provide guidance on local marketing strategies and assistance with regional or national advertising campaigns.

Branding and Image: The Company may provide franchisees with access to their established brand and image. This can include using the company's name, logo, and overall branding in their store design, uniforms, and marketing materials. The consistent branding helps to create a recognizable and unified image for customers.

Product and Supplier Support: The London Coffee Company may have established relationships with suppliers and provide franchisees with access to high-quality coffee beans, equipment, and other necessary products at competitive prices. They may also assist franchisees in sourcing the right equipment and ensuring product consistency across all franchise locations.

Ongoing Support: The Company may offer ongoing support to franchisees to help them succeed in their sales efforts. This can include regular visits from field representatives who provide guidance, conduct performance evaluations, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Sales Analysis and Reporting: The London Coffee Company may provide franchisees with sales analysis and reporting tools to track their performance and identify trends. This can include access to sales data, key performance indicators, and benchmarking information to help franchisees evaluate their sales performance and make informed business decisions.

Start up Support

  • Location assistance/ Site approval.
  • Store Architect, Designs, Layout, etc.
  • Diamond Inspired Designs (Walls, Ceilings, Furniture, etc.)
  • Legal Obligation/ license procurement

Franchise Business Operations

  • Pre-opening and going operational assistance to franchisees.
  • Implements and assists with all operational programs and procedures, including the First London Coffee store Opening program.
  • Schedules personalized visits to existing coffee stores
  • Conducts regularly scheduled phone calls to discuss service, retail and training needs.
  • Hosts the annual franchise Convention for all franchisees.


  • Provides in house training in the London Coffee stores.
  • Trains on customer service and London coffee store operations.
  • Tie up with top Coffee and foods industry leaders to train on current trends and techniques. 
  • Grand Opening Ceremony – Our PR Company will organize the grand opening day for your London Coffee store.
  • POS – Billing Software – We have a billing software which we have taken from the world largest store software company. We will share the same software with you for your billing.


  • Highly innovative/ irresistible marketing offer like Birthday rewards or complimentary offers.
  • Marketing Strategies and Campaigns like radio advertisements, print media, digital marketing, social media campaigns, and other promotional initiatives.
  • Local Marketing Support
  • Digital Marketing & Online Presence
  • Influencer marketing
  • Training and Education to understand effective marketing techniques.
  • Market Research and Analysis.

Social Engagement:

  • Instagram uploads
  • Twitter postings
  • Facebook uploads
  • Instagram check-ins
  • Facebook check-ins
  • LinkedIn posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Google ADs

Launch Support

  • Planning and Execution.
  • Launch Plan in SMM and PR.
  • Promotion
  • Cross Marketing.

Post Opening Support:

  • Sales incremental strategies.
  • Promotional offers.
  • London Coffee loyalty membership programs.
  • Google and website listing.

Other Sales Support

  • Tie up with Zomato, Swiggy, and like apps
  • Collaboration with youtubers, influencers and celebs
  • Offering Promo Codes 
  • Offering various discounts and vouchers like birthday discount, student discount, anniversary, festive discount etc.
  • Regular, and frequent customers

Requirements to open a London Coffee store franchise

  • You will have to meet the below requirements and lease them out to London Coffee store to enjoy a regular flow of income
  • In both models, franchisee gets the rights to use the brand name, systems & Process & billing software. The minimum investment required, revenue, and the number of staff

Our Franchise Type:

  • FOFO Models
  • FOCO Models

Franchisee invests & Franchisee runs the operations. Franchisee will take care of all the operational expenses like Rent, Salary, Electricity, Telecom, Maintenance, store Consumption, etc. and will pay 6% of revenue or Rs.60000/- Fix Royalty Per Month, whichever is Higher, to the Company.

London Coffee Franchise Models:

Lite Model:

  • Area Required: 500-600 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment: INR 20 Lacs
  • Franchise Fee: INR. 5Lacs + Tax
  • Approximate income: INR 15 to 20 Lacs per Year

Regular Model

  • Area Required: 1000-1200 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment: INR 40 Lacs
  • Franchise Fee: INR 10 Lacs + Tax
  • Approximate income: INR 30-36 Lacs per Year

Super Model:

  • Area Required: 1800-2000 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment: INR 60 Lacs
  • Franchise Fee: INR 20 Lacs + Tax
  • Approximate income: INR 40-50 Lacs per Year 

Lounge Model:

  • Area Required: 3000-4000 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment: INR 1.5 Crore
  • Franchise Fee: INR 30 Lakhs + Tax
  • Approximate income: INR 60 to 80 Lacs per Year

Financial Requirements:

  • The total franchise cost is between 25 lakh to 1.8 Crore depending on the store location and store area. The franchise cost includes the cost of equipment and the expenses for the interior, which should roughly take around 4000 per sq feet.
  • Brand license fee: Rs. 1000 per Sq. Ft.

Company support after startup:

  • Merchandise Employee welfare and recognition
  • Staff is retained well if they work for a bigger group than a individual shop
  • Annual Meeting & picnic for recognizing the store manager, barista, cafe associates, utility associate and prep cook, lead cook, support manager, chef manager and district manager etc. In store & outstation training for staff.

Franchisee Steps to Opening:

  • Initial Franchise Inquiry Made by prospective partner.
  • Prospective partner receives franchise Kit. Read all the detailed franchise Kit.
  • Complete the franchise form & purchase the due diligence Brand license fee only Rs. 5 lacs or 1000 per Sq. Ft.
  • Prospective partner receives the due diligence kit and prepares for discovery day.
  • Prospective partner meets the “New Business Development Manager” on the discovery day.
  • Interview call with Senior Manager.
  • Prospective partner & company mutually decide on agreement.
  • Franchisee Agreement is Signed & Franchisee fee payment is made.
  • Franchisee shortlist the site and get approval from the Company.
  • Architect is assigned & project given to architect after approval of store design.
  • 2 Key person of the franchisee gets 2-3 weeks training at the site of the store.
  • New Staff recruitment by franchisee or company.
  • 1 Week Training of new staff by company at franchisee premises.
  • Store ready for inaugurations.
  • Grand opening of London coffee store.

Franchisee Prerequisites:

  • An entrepreneur who invests fully in the adventure
  • A trader who already have a proven track record
  • A rigorous operator
  • A person sharing entrepreneurial values: curiosity, dynamism, team spirit and stubbornness.
  • Person with zeal to become successful as an entrepreneur.
  • Person looking to start a new business with a reputed name in the industry.
  • Person with entrepreneurial excellence and sound managerial skill
  • Individual ready to put full endeavours to be the leading brand name.
  • The commitment to bring change in standard of living in the society.
  • Leadership experience in related field
  • A track record of success in providing the highest level of customer service & satisfaction in business.

London Coffee Franchise Cost & Investment

Commenced Operations

Operations Commenced On 1975

Franchise Commenced On 2021

Franchise Details

Investment INR 10lakh - 20lakh

Franchise/Brand Fee INR 500000

Royalty/Commission 6 %


Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchisee Yes

Performance guarantee to Unit Franchise Yes

Anticipated percentage return on investment 60 %

Likely pay back period of capital for a Unit Franchise 6-11 Months

London Coffee Expansion Plans


Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh


Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana


Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Odisha


Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa


Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand

Union Territories

Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu


London Coffee Franchise Requirements

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity Commercial

Floor area requirement 500 - 5000 Sq.ft

Preferred location of unit franchise outlet Ground Floor

London Coffee Franchise Training

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees Yes

Franchisee training location Head Office

Is field assistance available for franchisee ? Yes

Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise Yes

Current IT systems will be included in the franchise Yes

London Coffee Franchise Agreement Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement? Yes

How long is the franchise term for? Lifetime

Is the term renewable? Yes

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How to get London Coffee Franchise

Franchise India stands as a premier platform offering a wide spectrum of franchise opportunities across diverse industries. Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey through a franchise presents a promising venture. To get a London Coffee franchise, you can fill up the application form provided on the website and our expert team will guide you with all the details viz. London Coffee franchise fee, London Coffee franchise cost, London Coffee apply process and more. Our team will guide you during the process to avail London Coffee franchise.

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