Business Categories
IT Education


  • Area Req
    600 - 2500 Sq.ft
  • Investment Range
    INR 10000 - 50 K
  • No. Of Franchise Outlets
    Less than 10
About Us

An emerging company which has a strong vision in the field of Education, Training, Development, Manufacturing, Consulting, Human Resource Management & allied services, Sales and Maintenance.



             To Enlighten, Educate, Encourage and Enrich positively.



               To provide ultimate solution by intense analysis with appropriate transformation.



               We at Grelum Edutech have a very good team which is intensely talented and enthusiastic. Grelum Edutech is an organization that was formed in 2017 after 8 years of research and development to bring a positive revolution in the field of Education and Technology. We have a strong focus towards the society especially in eradication of unemployment by providing employment opportunities in various fields which suits the person. We provide intense Job Oriented Training for the individual. It is filled with extraordinary, hardworking and talented team. The Chairman & CEO of Grelum Edutech, Mr. Rajesh Dharmaraj has been under Research and Development in the field of Education and Technology for the past 10 years and also served for the same field in rural areas of Karnataka for the past 6 years for the development of education and individual skill development of school and college students in Rural Karnataka .The Managing Director Mr. Nandakumar has made research with personal interest on students and individuals for 2 calendar years and came out with a result with analysis of the requirements of the society.

               Our trainers are specially talented and trained with our methodologies and execute their outcome after approval from their respective team leaders. Our technical development team is very well updated with the latest technologies and various platforms work with a great thirst towards satisfying the need and advantages of the clients and provide excellent tech support. Our Customer Service Executives too are well trained in their field and also have undertaken the appropriate training both internally and externally. Our Training Team is uniquely equipped with all attributes which enables them to bring out the talents of the students and trainees with a positive mental attitude and create a successful career for them. We also provide Teaching & Training certification courses which is trained with excellent attributes with affordable cost for the best outcome. We also help our candidates in designing their career in the best possible way since talent is the best asset. We also conduct various career guidance courses in various places which help the students to plan their future with confidence




           OUR FOCUS

                                         Our primary focus is in the field of Education and Technology, where the needs of every individual will be fulfilled through transparent working environment with the intense character moulding and skill developing aspects. Also we have a unique approach towards technology by sketching up many challenging projects which has the power to revolutionize the universe.

             OUR APPROACH


                                        We are dynamic, agile and always keep our clients front and centre, resulting in long standing relationship. We are result-driven and leverage our platform to meet our customer’s needs and expectations and provide the most effective business solution.




              FOR SCHOOLS

                                       We help students to build their talents and improve their skills which help them to enrich their career and get them employment opportunities after their studies. We don’t teach; instead we train them with the essential skills and develop their personal attributes which helps in getting through their career without failure. The future is completely based on skills so we train them with our activities through which they will learn more essentials aspects apart from what they are learning from their academics. We also serve to schools in rural and help the school in various aspects such as development, consulting, marketing, and event management and other activities. We make use of ABL methodology to train the students by implementing the concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transaction Analysis (TA)


                               Our specialized syllabus with activities which enable the candidates to explore their talents and skills so that they would develop these aspects also with great skill oriented intellectual development. We aim at the employment opportunities of future since only skilled candidates can survive. We enrich various types of their internal intellectual resources and guide the way to successful career and future.



                                Corporate Training is an important entity of every company irrespective of its domain. Every company needs talented and resourceful employees in order to excel in the competitive market. It is a basic attribute of every company to have a corporate training session. We conduct the corporate training programme in order to train the existing employees or new employees in their consecutive areas like programming, designing and testing etc. Based on the needs and requirements of the corporate companies we conduct Soft skills and Life Skills Training Programme for its entire team to get participated in various soft-skills and life skill training activities conducted internally and externally in order to nurture and mould the behavior and personal attributes in order to get excelled in their career.




                     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

                                                        In today’s world, Information Technology plays a vital role in all the domains. We at Grelum Edutech focus on innovative and revolutionary development of IT and allied products which has the complete essence of the advent in technology with user friendly environment which has the power to revolutionize the universe technically. We focus on Software Development, Website Designing, Android and iOS Application development and also other Software Oriented services.



                                      In the field of Technology, Software development plays a major part in the computer industry. We at Grelum Edutech look into this field with intense research and analysis and come out with great results innovatively. We are into the development and maintenance of the below software types.


  • Word Processing Software
  • Database Software
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Multimedia Software
  • Presentation Software
  • Enterprise Software(CRM)
  • Information Worker Software
  • Education and Reference Software
  • Simulation Software
  • Content Simulation Software
  • Graphic Software
  • Application service software for Engineering and Product Development.




                                 Every business needs an identity in this world for a successful venture. A perfect website determines the identity and growth of the business. We at Grelum Edutech provide an excellent Web Designing services with attractive attributes with an affordable cost. We design and maintain the websites mentioned below.


  • Personal Websites
  • Photo Sharing Websites
  • Writer’s/Author ‘s Website
  • Community Building Websites
  • Mobile Device Website
  • Blogs
  • Information Websites
  • Online Business Brochures/ Catalogues
  • Directory Websites
  • E Commerce Websites





                               After the advent of smart phones the world has shrunk to our pockets. Because of this major advantage big website or application software can be used with all sort of user-friendly features handy. It is highly reliable and portable. We at Grelum Edutech have a great vision for the future in application development for smart phones and tablets of any operating system like Android, iOS, Windows app. Our talented app development team has an intense thirst in developing the following types of apps .

  • Gaming Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • Travel Apps



           ITES is form of Outsource services which has involvement of IT in different fields like Finance, Banking, Insurance, and Telecommunication, etc...We at Grelum Edutech provide all sort of services for our clients by satisfying their customers by giving an excellent and outstanding technical and non technical support which fulfils and satisfies the customer and the client.



                  In business environment where changes occur, transformation led by process improvement and efficiency enhancement is unavoidable for corporate world. Grelum Edutech focuses on helping clients transform their businesses by defining and enabling business strategy, recognizing and measuring process changes and documenting processes and driving radical change through a well defined charter.

               Our Process Consulting practice helps clients achieve ‘Operational Excellence’. The Process Consulting team is a syndicate of excellent practitioners, who bring in their combined strength of experience in business process improvement along with their expertise in the use of analytical tools.



                                       Training is an important aspect of every human being. Today’s technology becomes outdated tomorrow. So it is must for everyone to get updated themselves with latest technologies and skills. We at Grelum Edutech provide all kind of Job Oriented Training Courses based of the stream of the candidates. Also we focus on Private Coaching for interested candidates based on their course interest. We include many advanced methodologies for our Training Programs. All our training programmes include the concept of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) and (TA) Transaction Analysis which is mandatorily included.


                                 We provide the complete Placement Assistance for our candidates with respect to their field of interest and field of study, after the completion of our Training Programme of any stream. Our Placement Cell work round the clock towards the welfare of the candidate by assisting them in all possible aspects to get them placed in reputed companies across India,



             Grelum Edutech provides creative and cost-effective Human Resources support and services that assist clients in dealing with their issues and challenges with confidence. Together, we will resolve issues one at a time, either through consultation, training or working together on necessary projects. Grelum Edutech sees its mission as an organization as providing creative and cost-effective Human Resources support enabling clients to deal with issues and challenges with confidence.

 Our Service includes

  • Payroll Processing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Learning Process Outsourcing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Life Events Data/Records Management
  • HR Helpdesk




                                   Since our focus is in the field of education, we too have a educational consulting wing. We provide career guidance counseling for the student along with the assistance of their parents. We also provide necessary training for the students who get enrolled with for getting the admission in various reputed colleges. We have tied up with many leading and renowned Engineering, Medical, Arts & Science, and Science & Commerce Colleges across South India.



                              In business environment where changes occur, transformation led by process improvement and efficiency enhancement is unavoidable for corporate world. Grelum Edutech focuses on helping clients transform their businesses by defining and enabling business strategy, recognizing and measuring process changes and documenting processes and driving radical change through a well defined charter.

               Our Process Consulting practice helps clients achieve ‘Operational Excellence’. The Process Consulting team is a syndicate of excellent practitioners, who bring in their combined strength of experience in business process improvement along with their expertise in the use of analytical tools. Consulting services is designed to help promotion decide on the suitable model to rapidly set up and run operations in India. Depending on the client’s specific requirements, end to end project execution.

        At Grelum Edutech Consulting, we help companies think ahead. Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can't even imagine today. But to survive and thrive, we must imagine the future. We must anticipate it.

           Even while we're helping you to solve your business challenges today, we are thinking about the future and how we can take you there. This is what gives you the competitive edge in what's to come.

             We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. And our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes. This means that with Grelum Edutech Consulting, you get the advantage of future thinking - along with the advantage of being taken the rest of the way.


         We do and deliver the clients, as a Customer Relationship Management

  • Success, not just a report
  • Transfer our skill to your people
  • Customer Management Practioners
  • Customer service professionals with many years of experience
  • Design Customer Strategies
  • Implement the plans, quickly and effectively
  • Measure the things that improve performance that saves money
  • Make it easy for the customers to do business with clients
  • Develop transfer skills.


           We deliver effectively as we

  • Coach and mentor client’s team
  • Enroll client’s teams in driving the changes
  • Get the managers and teams working together
  • Establish a Business -driven culture.

           Highlights of Our Service

  • Insights of every customers
  • The process of selecting a CRM vendor
  • Perfect application
  • Best execution associate
  • Analyzing and advising on the execution plan
  • The process of selecting a CRM vendor
  • Best practice of CRM application
  • Evolution of CRM based technology design
  • Improving quality of services
  • Providing definite solutions in Telecommunications, Hi-Tech companies and Financial Services, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Logistics & Social Media

Investment Details

Commenced Operations

Operations Commenced On 2017

Franchise Commenced On 2017

Franchise Details

Performance guarantee to Unit Franchise Yes

Anticipated percentage return on investment 50 %

Likely pay back period of capital for a Unit Franchise 0-0 Years

Expansion Locations


- NA -


Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana


- NA -




- NA -

Union Territories

Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu


Property Details

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity Commercial

Floor area requirement 600 - 2500 Sq.ft

Preferred location of unit franchise outlet anywhere

Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees Yes

Franchisee training location Yet to be decided

Is field assistance available for franchisee ? Yes

Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise Yes

Agreement & Term Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement? Yes

How long is the franchise term for? 3 Years

Is the term renewable? Yes

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