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Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Franchise Cost – How to get, Contact, Apply, Fee

  • Area Req
    150 - 200 Sq.ft
  • Investment Range
    INR 50 K - 20 Lakh
  • No. Of Franchise Outlets

About brand - Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited

About Us: 

We wish to provide you a quick overview about Ceeyen and Hallsindia. We are a leading Real Estate services company, with technical expertise and support from world’s leading Realty Companies. Being a part of the renowned business house, we are introducing a proven business concept in India to implement various services and product portfolios in the Real Estate segment and Hallsindia is India’s first and only fully automated online Hall booking system providing online booking facility for big, medium and small sized halls (Hall chargeable & Menu Chargeable) across India. 

We bring in an innovative, proven and successful concept called "PROMOTER FRANCHISE PROGRAM", which is adopted from our parent company. This program has been backed by our strong technology platform, “Ceeyen” to revolutionize the way, the services are provided in the Real Estate sector in India. Our digital platform provides all necessary services like Sale, Rent, Lease, Hall Booking and other host of services required in this space. 

To grow the business in Indian market, we provide every support in terms of advertisements, Television commercials, Digital marketing, Product and Portfolio training, customer and operational support in every step to help our promoter (Franchisee) to gain success and exponential income all the time. 

Our business concept guarantee the buyers and property owners get a hassle free service without spending any commission or brokerage. However, the model promises our promoters to earn a steady and stable income throughout their association with our company. 

Ceeyen is not like any other regular portals which advertise properties for sale or rent in the internet. Ceeyen is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company with technical expertise and support from world’s leading Realty Companies. 

Is Ceeyen the pioneer? Does Ceeyen have competitors?

Ceeyen has no competition in the country, literally, because at present the Real Estate portals act as data collection centers with no hands on experience or presence in the field at the ground level. 

What makes Ceeyen so different?

The difference begins from the very first step. Ceeyen has hundreds of trained professionals/ Area franchisees who physically verify and make sure that the post is a genuine one directly by the owner. These field players across India update details from time to time and make sure that the property details are accurate and appropriate. Hence, it completely eliminates unscrupulous fly by night operators from the business. Ceeyen is India’s only ZERO BROKERAGE REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Touts masquerading as brokers have no place here. 

What makes Ceeyen stand apart from the rest of the players?

Ceeyen has been designed by experts with decades of experience in the realty sector. This makes it possible to provide features like: 

  • Property being showcased across the globe to attract NRI customers.
  • Hassle free surfing experience with no pop-ups and advertisements.
  • No fake and multiple posting
  • User friendly search options including  pin code wise search
  • 100% broker free properties
  • Visually appealing designs and layouts with meticulous details.
  • Options to sell properties in the Emergency and Confidential selling category.
  • Each property will be verified and certified by duly appointed skilled Franchisee.
  • Only Real Estate Company having a verified buyer database including NRI and domestic buyers.
  • India’s only Real Estate Company having a full strength Franchise network in all major locations of India.
  • Promoting the properties through advanced tools and major search engines.
  • The users will get the right response from the targeted buyers / tenants

Ceeyen Franchisee Plan 

Ceeyen now offers two unique platforms for its discerning customers. One is Ceeyen for Sale, Rent or Lease of properties. 

Two is the portal Hallsindia, a unique portal to book banquet halls, wedding halls, party and conference halls across India at the click of a button in the comfort of your home. 

Is such a mammoth endeavor possible? How does Ceeyen do it?

Ceeyen makes it possible by appointing dedicated and trained professionals at 3 levels namely STATE FRANCHISEE, AREA FRANCHISEE AND BASIC FRANCHISEE. Further these 3 levels of franchisees are appointed in states categorized as A, B & C. 

India being such a vast country, can a few Franchisees cover the entire country?

Ceeyen operates with the help of 3 levels of Franchisee, a State Franchisee or Master Franchisee, an Area franchisee and the Basic Franchisee. The Master Franchisee will monitor the activities of the Area and Basic Franchisee and guide them in their operations. Area and Basic Franchisee will be appointed on pin code basis, with each of them handling 1 or more pin code areas under them according to the size of the area. The Area Franchisees are appointed for major cities and towns, while the Basic Franchisees will handle suburbs and rural areas.

State Franchisee (SWF)

One State Franchisee will be appointed in each State to monitor all the Area and Basic Franchisees appointed within the State. Our State-wise Franchisee program is targeted at individuals/ companies who can promote ceeyen & hallsindia in their own home State. A State-wise Franchisee should have basic knowledge in the real estate industry and an easily accessible office space with at least 750 Sq.ft. in any of the main cities in the allotted state with all the required facilities for the smooth operation. Their responsibilities include, mentoring the Area-wise & Basic Franchisees appointed by the Company. Be a part in the interview process for appointing capable Franchisees all over the State and work under our brand and offer their services.

Area Franchisee (AWF)

Our area-wise Franchisee program is targeted at individuals / Companies who can promote Ceeyen & hallsindia in their own territory / region. The Area-wise Franchisees will be appointed on pin code basis according to their potential and promotional capacity.  The Area-wise Franchisee should have basic Real Estate knowledge and an office space of not less than 150 Sq.ft. in the allotted pin code area, with all necessary infrastructural facilities. It is important that the sign board be prominently displayed and be visible to the moving traffic. For business men in other businesses, an exclusive zone for our Franchisee in their current business premises will also be considered. 

What does the Franchisee do? – Role & Responsibilities

The main role and responsibilities of our Franchisees are:

  • Collection of data like Properties for Sale, Rent and Lease directly from the owners for the entire region allotted to them in the cooling period.
  • Verify and approve the posts from users and update the same.
  • Verifying and approve / reject buyer registration from the allotted area.
  • Endorsement of all small, medium and big sized Halls, Auditoriums etc.
  • Monitor the endorsed venues.
  • Support the online / offline promotional activities of the company through all possible ways.

Does the promoter earn a stable income?

Unlike service oriented businesses, Real Estate is the only business where a deal might not be finalized even for years. But Ceeyen provides its Franchisees assured income in various ways regularly. No Franchisee at Ceeyen works for commission but gets assured Real Estate deals with good margins regularly. Ceeyen provides various avenues like Emergency Selling, Confidential Selling, Corporate Selling etc., for its promoters to earn a regular and stable income. 

The commission structure is as follows:

  • State-wise Franchisee – SWF: 10%
  • Area-wise (Pincode basis) Franchisee – AWF: 20%
  • The commission structure is as follows:
  • State-wise Franchisee – SWF: 10%
  • Area-wise (Pincode basis) Franchisee – AWF: 20%

Apart from normal listing of properties for Sale, Rent & Lease, there are few more categories of sale which we at Ceeyen make intelligent use of. They are:

  • Emergency selling
  • Confidential selling
  • Corporate requirement

All relevant details about the above categories will be provided to confirmed State and Area Franchisees. 

Franchisee fee

This excellent franchisee offer from Ceeyen comes to you at a very nominal license fee of Rs. 80,000/- (Limited Period Offer) the different franchisee licensing fee for state wise Franchisees in the 3 categories are:

Category Franchisee Fee  Setup Charges
State Franchisee (Category A) 2500000 100000
State Franchisee (Category B) 1500000 50000
State Franchisee (Category C) 500000 25000
Area-wise Franchisee  75000 5000

*All amount mentioned above are excluding GST and this Franchisee fee is for a limited period only

Support from the Company

  • Full training and guidance will be provided by the Company to the Franchisees and their staff.
  • Attractive and high quality sign boards and In-office branding will be provided by the
  • Company without any extra cost.
  • Promotions through all top search engines and advanced tools
  • Advertise in all regional & national level television channels
  • Other form of commercial advertisements, theatrical ads, print ads etc.
  • Location and  Franchisee wise targeted promotions through online and offline
  • Assured additional benefits for top performers

Other highlights 

  • No prior experience or exceptional qualification
  • Very low investment
  • Very low overheads
  • Very low manpower
  • No need to trade or stock
  • No need to give any credit
  • No excessive work pressure
  • Assured stable and high revenue
  • Manage and monitor the business even through your Smartphone on the go.
  • 2 monopoly and innovative business for a single Franchisee Fee

Committed to professional excellence and ethical business promotion Ceeyen is glad to have embarked on this journey to usher in era of prosperity with transparency, bringing ethics and easy of execution to the Real Estate world, hitherto mired in myths and mayhem. Come join us, to discover an innovative and intelligent business opportunity, guaranteed to usher in prosperity and peace of mind. 

We make sure our Franchisees become the dominant players in their allotted region within a short span of time.


Hallsindia, was started as a simple thought to make day-to-day; fast growing consumer services more accessible by applying digital technology and leveraging the ever expanding internet connectivity. This is the first such endeavor to organize services provided by hall / auditorium owners and help them to reach wider customer base and better manage their operations internally; most importantly enabling customer’s access to the availability of the preferred venue dates; which itself has been a challenge in the past. In today’s world getting accurate information is time consuming and tiring, especially if one is living in a metro city in any developing or a developed area with the challenges of commuting. Hallsindia online booking facility is our own little effort to help world communities reduce their burden of searching and selecting a suitable hall & auditorium for most important events in their lives, including marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate get-togethers, official meetings and so on. With this, our desire is to contribute and do our little to reduce impact on our environment, pollution and most importantly human burdens. 

Now with the help of this innovative online portal, you can book any venue convenient to you at the click of a button, be it small, medium or big, it’s all there for you to see, browse, locate and fix, just with the smart phone in your hand. 

Hallsindia is a professionally managed web portal created thoughtfully to understand and anticipate your requirements. Designed with an intuitive interface, it provides various options, be it with the Menu, Date & time, venue including an option to pay in easy EMI and across 26 currencies.

To put it simply, you could be in New York now, but still book your wedding hall in New Delhi at the click of a button. 

The Indian diaspora spread all over the world are ever more keen to celebrate their weddings, family reunions etc., in India, Hallsindia provides them that window to choose venues convenient to them. As a venue owner, when you are a part of Hallsindia, it makes it possible for you to exhibit your property for Indians across the globe, pushing up your exposure and revenue generation multiple times. 

A fully computerised customer management system takes care of all the nitty-gritty in handling the operations, be it with booking, blocking or cancellation. A system generated alert, provides you alerts periodically regarding the status of your booking. Thus making it convenient for both the customer and the owner to follow up the status of their booking. This also helps the venue owner to follow up on payment schedule, venue availability, revenue generation and cancellations in an adaptable and responsive dashboard, available 24x7 in his or her smart phone.

Event types and venues

There are more than 500 event categories including wedding, family functions, community functions, religious functions, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, Conferences, Workshops, Reunions, parties etc.  Though we are aware of a lot of Marriage halls in our vicinity, seldom do we know that these venues can be utilised for other events too or in other cases the hall owners do not permit the premise to be used for certain events. Hallsindia makes it possible for you to book the right venue for your event, convenient to your budget and location.

User friendly dashboard

This user-friendly dashboard allows you to add or edit the facilities of your venue and can add or modify your food menus. The app can also easily generate reports of bookings, invoicing etc., helping you to reach more clients, private and corporate event organizers cost-effectively. By adding photos, videos and 3D-tours, you can convince new customers who are not yet familiar with your venue.  

Happy to Promote and Support

Our SEO/ SEM, Social Media Management team & Promoters will aggressively promote your business. Location based promotions and customized packages will enhance your business prospects to attract more customers and increase your Bookings & Promotions. 

Our team of Franchisee, experts in the fields of Business Development, Finance, Advertising, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, etc. are ready available to offer their services for the betterment of your business. 

Ready to support is our prime motto. Our dedicated relationship managers and business support executives shall solve your queries using emails, chat, telephone and by personal visits whenever and wherever required. 

As a team, we are a group of individuals who are customer focused and continuously looking to pursue innovative ideas to create consumer convenience, user friendliness and organize business processes that can be streamlined and better managed by applying the state-of-the-art technology. 

Please search Ceeyen in YouTube to view our Franchise Concept explanatory video.

The appointment of State/ Area Franchisee in unrepresented areas across India are fast progressing. Check if your preferred State / Area is still vacant and if available, block your area now and contact us or visit our State Franchisee office.

Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Franchise Cost & Investment

Commenced Operations

Operations Commenced On 2018

Franchise Commenced On 2019

Franchise Details

Investment INR 10000 - 50000

Franchise/Brand Fee INR 75000

Royalty/Commission 20 %

Master / Multi Units

State Wise

Investment INR 10lakh - 20lakh

Unit/Brand Fee INR 100000

Master/Brand Fee INR 50000

Royalty/Commission 10 %

City Wise

Investment INR 50000 - 2lakh

Unit/Brand Fee INR 100000

Master/Brand Fee INR 50000

Royalty/Commission 20 %


Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchisee Yes

Anticipated percentage return on investment 25 %

Likely pay back period of capital for a Unit Franchise 3-4 Months

Other investment requirements No

Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Expansion Plans


- NA -


Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana


- NA -


- NA -


- NA -

Union Territories

Lakshadweep, Pondicherry


Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Franchise Requirements

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity Commercial

Floor area requirement 150 - 200 Sq.ft

Preferred location of unit franchise outlet Main areas of the city

Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Franchise Training

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees Yes

Franchisee training location Company

Is field assistance available for franchisee ? Yes

Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise Yes

Current IT systems will be included in the franchise Yes

Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Franchise Agreement Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement? Yes

How long is the franchise term for? Lifetime

Is the term renewable? Yes

Disclaimer: Franchise India is an integrated franchise solution company since 1999, and an absolute authority on franchising and licensing. FIHL ( and the site sponsors accept no liability for the accuracy of any information contained on this site or on other linked sites. We recommend you take advice from a lawyer, accountant and franchise consultant experienced in franchising before you commit yourself. It is user’s responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the accuracy and reliability of the information supplied. Please read the terms & conditions on Franchise India.

How to get Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Franchise

Franchise India stands as a premier platform offering a wide spectrum of franchise opportunities across diverse industries. Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey through a franchise presents a promising venture. To get a Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited franchise, you can fill up the application form provided on the website and our expert team will guide you with all the details viz. Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited franchise fee, Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited franchise cost, Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited apply process and more. Our team will guide you during the process to avail Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited franchise.

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