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Vegetables Mart India Retail Outlet Chain

Vegetables Mart India Retail Outlet Chain

Category: Dairy f and v stores
No. of Franchise Outlets: Less than 10
Area Req: 600 - 1000 Sq.ft
Investment: Rs. 2lac - Rs.5lac
Business Details

About Vegetables Mart

The Vegetables Mart is an International Brand. Vegetables Mart Brand has started its journey from Ahemdabad, Gujarat, in 2015. Vegetables Mart gives all type of vegetables and lot of fresh fruits and frozen fruits, Organic fruits etc. Vegetables Mart take care your health through fresh vegetables and fruits. If you will choose vegetables mart you will get everything here whatever you want you name it we have it. We want to give healthy environment for your family, for your child & for your future. It's a great way to stay healthy and is a perfect fit for busy lives. Our efforts are aimed at fulfilling this commitment towards a large and ever going pattern based.

Vegetables Mart as the leading Vegetables and Fruit service provider in the all over Indian sub – continent, providing high class Indian & Imported Fresh Fruit Stalls & Exclusive Designer Fruit Concepts in retails/weddings/ receptions/ conferences/ AGM’s/ anniversaries/ kitty parties etc.

Vegetables Mart is pioneer in central India to bring in this unique concept to consumer of India. Vegetables Mart India’s leading sourcing-to-supermarket Food Company by Rs Jenni India is built on the virtue of sharing. Rs Jenni India provides unlimited choice, outstanding value proposition, and superior quality of every type of perishable items in terms of vegetables, Fruits, Milk Bread & Grocery etc related to kitchen through their brand name Vegetables Mart.

Vegetables Mart India’s leading sourcing-to-supermarket Food Company by Rs Jenni India is built on the virtue of sharing. Starting from the seeding of food at the farm to its consumption from the plate, Vegetables Mart acts as a catalyst for each of its stakeholders. From sourcing, processing, retailing to final act of consumption – Vegetables Mart strikes a widespread cord between the lives of the farmer, a factory laborer, a worker on the shop floor and the housewife.

We offer you convenience of shopping everything that you need for your home - be it Fresh Fruits & vegetables, rice, dals, oil, packaged food, bakery & dairy item, frozen & pet food, household cleaning items, your specialized beauty & personal care products from a single virtual store. Just get started by registering with us, select the products you need, choose the delivery time convenient to you & pay the way you want to-through cash/credit card/net banking & food coupons.

Our Products:

Starting from the seeding of food at the farm to its consumption from the plate, Vegetables Mart acts as a catalyst for each of its stakeholders. From sourcing, processing, retailing to final act of consumption – Taking another leap ahead, Vegetables Mart Direct makes your grocery shopping even simpler by bringing it to your door step. No more hassles of sweating it out in crowded markets & grocery shops & supermarkets - now shop in comfort of your home; office or on the move & select from a wide range of 858+ products.

We offer you convenience of shopping everything that you need for your home - be it Fresh Fruits & vegetables, Dairy Products, rice, dals, oil, packaged food, bakery & dairy item, frozen & pet food, household cleaning items, your specialized beauty & personal care products from a single virtual store.

  1. üVegetables

  2. üFruits

  3. üDairy Products

  4. üGrocery Products 

Why Vegetables Mart?

  • üFresh Vegetables

  • üFresh Fruits

  • üFree Home Delivery

  • üCash On delivery

  • üOrganic Foods

  • üE-Billing

  • üRound the clock Customer Care Service.

  • üStock control and warehouse /distribution program.

  • üDairy Products

  • üGrocery Products

  • üVegetable Mart has redefines the concept of serving fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • üWorking 24x7 to provide you the best quality and unparalleled services.  



  • Business Can’t Wait! We Are Offering Franchise In India.

We are the leading Retail Organizations who offering Franchise in India. Vegetables Mart brings the simplest and fastest way of providing Retail Service to its Consumer and Delivering Smiles of our Customers. We build strong and lasting business relationships by engaging with our customers, business associates, employees and other contacts through our services

       Grab this unique business opportunity before Someone picks from your region...!

Association with Vegetables Mart:

Vegetables Mart has created an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen to get associated with itself in the form of Franchise. The interested and prospect franchisee will be inducted into the Vegetables Mart family as an active business partner, who becomes a major contributor to the company’s growth.

In these many ways you can associate with Vegetables Mart:

  • State Franchise

  • Hub Franchise (C&F)

  • Outlet Franchise (Retailer)

Vegetables Mart State Franchise

Investment : 20 lac to 30 lac (Franchise Fee + Security Deposit Amount)

Area: 1000 s.ft to 1500 s.ft Fully Furnish (State Wise)

Roi : Up 3 to 5 %

Vegetables Mart Hub Franchise

Investment : 5 lac to 10 lac (Franchise Fee + Security Deposit Amount)

Area: 500 s.ft to 1000 s.ft Fully Furnish WareHouse (District Wise)

Roi : 5%

Vegetables Mart Outlet Franchise

Investment : 5 lac (Franchise Fee + Security Deposit Amount)

Area: 600 s.ft to 1000 s.ft Fully Furnish (Pincode Wise)

Roi : Upto 50%

Outlet Franchise

  • a)Outlet Franchise is always one in every area or every locality or in a society.

  • b)Outlet Franchise will work directly under the company or Hub franchise.

  • c)Outlet franchise will work as a retailer.

  • d)Outlet franchise should have a Shop for business.

  • e)Outlet franchise’s should decorate the shop as per the compnay layout & colour coding.

  • f)Outlet Franchise’s Shop must in best business potential area like ( Society, Locality , Market)

  • g)Outlet Franchise’s Shop must be in city only .


Work and Responsibility

  a)Outlet Franchise is one who works in his area only for sale the goods and product to the customers franchise.

  • b)Outlet franchise will work as a retailer.

  • c)Outlet franchise will sale the products and goods directly in the market.

  • d)Outlet franchise will Place orders of goods to the Hub Franchise on daily basis.

  • e)Outlet franchise will receive the ordered products and goods from hub franchise early in the morning.

  • f)The outlet franchise will update the materials on to the company provided software.

      g)Outlet franchise will sort those goods & products.

      h)Outlet Franchise will supply all the goods to Corporate Clients (Hotels, Restaurant).

       i)Outlet Franchise will maintain the free home delivery services in system of the company

  • j)Outlet Franchise will be directly in touch with the company’s operation head and accounts department and Production Manager of the company.

      k)Outlet franchise will purchase all the goods and products from the Company or Hub Franchise according to company’s terms and conditions.

  • l)Outlet franchise will types with corporate clients (Hotels, Restaurant, Caterers )

  • m)Outlet franchise will generate the bill to the corporate client.

  • n)Outlet franchise has to collect the payment from corporate clients.

  • o)Outlet franchise will supply the products and goods to the corporate clients.

  • p)Outlet franchise will have to train all the staff working in franchise like filling up of purchase order slip , how to place purchase order , how to track placed order , how to run software.

  • q)Outlet franchise wills also Sale all the products and goods to the customer as retailers.

  • r)Hub franchise would be responsible for buying all all fruits and vegetables & dairy product from super market , vegetables and fruits market dairy market.

  • s) All buying and supplying transaction has to updated in software on regularly basis.

  • t)Outlet Franchise will be involved in all corporate (Hotel and Restaurants) tie-up with the help of company’s sales employees .

  • u)Outlet franchise will also have to arrange meetings with corporate clients with help of company’s staff like business development manager to finalize corporate rates with restaurants and hotels

  • v)Outlet franchise will discuss all those corporate deals with the authorized person of the company and after getting necessary approvals outlet franchise starts supplying vegetables and fruits to hotels and restaurant.

  • w)Outlet franchise will generate bill to corporate clients in forth nightly and will collect the payment within 5 days from the all the corporate client.

  • x)Company will generate bill to Outlet franchise In every 7 days and Outlet franchise has to pay that bill in next 2 days.

Supply and Delivery Related Work

  • a)Company will appoint a store manager in the Outlet franchise.

  • b)Outlet franchise will purchase all the goods and products from the company or hub franchise like vegetables market, fruits market and dairy market.

  • c)Outlet franchise will take the purchase order every morning from the corporate clients and then outlet franchise will supply all the vegetables and fruits and dairy products to the hotels and restaurant.

  • d)Outlet franchise will have to collect the payment from corporate against the purchase order then have to deposit the amount into the company’s account.

  • e)Outlet franchise will provide service of free home delivery to the customers.



  • a)Investment of Outlet franchise will be between Rs. 3 Lac to Rs.5 lac.

  • b)It will depend upon his demarcated area whether it is Rs.3 Lac or Rs.5 Lac will appoint a store manager in the hub franchise.

  • c)Outlet franchise has to take a Shop of approximate 500 sft. To 1500 sft.

  • d)Outlet franchise also has to keep computers in Shop.

  • e)Outlet franchise also has to keep refrigerator and fridge in the warehouse.

  • f)Outlet franchise also has to keep weighing machine in the warehouse.

  • g)Outlet franchise also has to keep racks and vegetables tray in his hub.

  • h)Outlet franchise also has to appoint computer operator in hi warehouse for software work.

  • i)Outlet franchise also has to take a 24 hour internet connection in his office because the software run from internet.

  • j)Outlet franchise should install CCTV Cameras in the store and to be linked with the company.

  • k)Outlet franchise paint the warehouse according to the company’s rules.

  • l)Outlet franchise also has to keep sorting boys and other staff for warehouse.

  • m)Outlet franchise have to keep security guard in the store.

  • n)When work will increased then hub franchise has to keep transport vehicle like tata 207 , Tata Ace , Vikaram . and hub franchise has to stick Vegetables Mart Logo on the Transport vehicle.

Company Support

  • a)Company will appoint Store Manager for Outlet franchise.

  • b)Company will appoint area sales manager for Outlet franchise.

  • c)Area sales manager will help Outlet franchise to type with Hotels, Caterers, Restaurant.

  • d)Company will provide operational training to hub franchise and its’ staff .

  • e)Company will pay the salary of store manager to the hub franchise.

  • f)Company will give Software training to the outlet franchise.

  • g)Company will supply the products and goods at the doorstep of outlet franchise.

Marketing Support

  • a)Company will give Advertisement in newspaper for promotion of franchises.

  • b)Company will give Advertisement in TV Channels for promotion of franchises.

  • c)Company will also provide pamphlets to franchise for promotion activities his area.

  • d)Company will give Advertisement in Internet websites for promotion of franchises.

  • e)Company will give advertisement in High Street hoardings.

  • f) Company will also Provide MRP rate chart to franchise

Company will provide you Profit:-

You can earn profits from different types.

(Profit of building the network)

  • a)Outlet franchise will have to Appoint other Outlet franchise .

  • b)Outlet franchise will earn Rs. 5000 profit on Appointing a Outlet franchise .

  • c)If a Outlet franchise will appoint 10 franchise every month in the city then he will get .

Total Network Profit of a Outlet Franchise will be Rs.5000 X 10 Franchise = 50,000/- per Month.

(Profit from Retail Business)

Outlet franchise will work as retailer in his area. In marketing support of the company there will be footfalls of customers in the Outlet from the locality.

Suppose , if there is 100 footfall of customers in a day, on an average sales of Rs.300 per individual customer.

  • üCompany will give Upto 50% profit on the total day sales to the Outlet franchise.

Example: -

  • üTotal sales of outlet franchise .

  • üRs. 300 X 100 Customers = Rs. 30,000

If Outlet’s total Sale is Rs. 30,000 everyday then company will give profit of 50% to the outlet franchise.

  • üThat means your profit is Rs.30,000 X 50% = 150000/- Per day

  • üYour monthly collection will be of Rs.9,00,000 Approx.

  • ü50% of Rs 9,00,000 = 4,50,000

  • üYour monthly profits From Retail will be of Rs.4,50,000 per Month.

(Profit from Corporate Client Hotels, Restaurant)

  • a)Company will provide 10 to 20 corporate clients to the Hub franchise.

  • b)Hub franchise will have to tie up with all of those corporate clients and have to do supply all goods and product.


  • Example: -

  • üIf you have a billing of Rs.1 lakh from one corporate client then total billing from 20 corporate Clients would be Rs.100,000 X 20 = Rs.20,00,000 Per Month.

  • üIf Hub franchise bills up to 20 lac to the corporate client’s then company will 30% of profit then.

  • ü20,00,000 X 30%=Rs. 600,000.

  • üit means from the corporate clients hub franchise will earn 6 lakh monthly.
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Vegetables Mart India Retail Outlet Chain Investment Details

Commenced Dates
Date Commenced Operations
Date Commenced Franchising / Distribution
Franchise Details
Franchise/Brand Fee
Store Wise
Rs. 2lac - 5lac
Franchise Fee
Security Deposit
Master / Multi Units
Unit/Brand Fee
Master/Brand Fee
State Wise
Rs. 10lac - 20lac
Security D
5% to 10 %
City Wise
Rs. 5lac - 10lac
Security D
5% to 10 %
Trade Partners Detail (Dealers, Distributors, MBOs, Retailers)
Types of Channels
Area Requirement
Rs. 2lac - 5lac
Up to 50%
500 - 1000 Sq.Ft.
C & F
Rs. 5lac - 10lac
500 - 1000 Sq.Ft.
Expansion Locations
North, New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh 
South, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh 
East, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa 
West, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa 
Central, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand 
Union Territories
Union Territories, Andaman & Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu 
Franchise Details (Optional)
Want to expand
International, Nationwide
Exclusive territorial rights to a unit
Performance guarantee to unit franchisee
Anticipated percentage return on investment
Likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchise
6 - 8 Month
Other investment requirements

Vegetables Mart India Retail Outlet Chain Property Details

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity
Floor area requirement
600 - 1000 Sq.ft . (1 Sq Meter = 10.76 Sq Ft.)
Preferred location of unit franchised outlet
Residential Market Place

Vegetables Mart India Retail Outlet Chain Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees
Where is franchisee training provided?
Franchise location
Is field assistance available for franchisee?
Will someone from Head Office provides assistance to franchisee in opening the franchise?
What IT systems do you presently have that will be included in the franchise?

Vegetables Mart India Retail Outlet Chain Agreement & Term Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement?
How long is the franchise term for?
10 years
Is the term renewable?
May, 17 2017

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