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    INR 2 Lakh - 5 Lakh
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About brand - The Road Affair

About Us:

CROFTGATE USA has a franchise opportunity that will reap high returns for you...Read more to explore!

CROFTGATE USA, an eco-responsible and premium waterless car care company is offering extensive range of premium, high performance, eco-responsible, waterless car wash and wax products that can help to retain the shine of ride (bike, car and other automobiles), without having to waste a single drop of water.

These wonderful car care products contain no petroleum solvents or other listed hazardous ingredients. Being Indian unit of the international brand CroftgateUSA, the company CroftgateUSA, India is the forerunner in brining the true waterless car wash and car care products to Bike & Car Care services at your door step.

Our team is all excited to introduce you to world class waterless car wash and wax, which can be performed with minimal human efforts and in less than 20 minutes without using a single drop of water.

Products Benefits:

  • By using CroftgateUSA, India products, you are one of the VIP contributors for saving water and protecting the environment for your future generations (you save 900 to 1400 litres of water).
  • You can use CroftgateUSA, India, once a week to wash your car rather than going to service stations to get it washed and loose precious time while waiting for the task to be completed.
  • You can do complete detailing of your car within 30 to 45 minutes rather than spending 3 to 4 hours in other car detailing showrooms, despite paying a huge amount of money.
  • CroftgateUSA, India offer eco-friendly products that not have any petro chemicals or any harmful VOC’s mixed in it. You can be assured that your hands will not burn or itch after you wash the car using these products. Therefore, in addition to protecting the environment, you are protecting yourself as well.
  • Waterless car wash can serve up to 12 times of wash depending size of the car so on an average of 3 months the cost is same what you pay at service station for car wash every weekend.

Advantages & benefits of our services:

  • Save Water: According to the sources, the average person will waste 80 litres of water while cleaning their car in their driveway. The average stand-alone "car wash" will use over 30 litres of water per car. This is a lot of soapy grey/ contaminated water going down the storm drain and into the environment. It only takes 50 ml of the Croftgate USA Car Wash product to clean the average size car. The soiled towels are cleaned in the washing machine and only take a few ounces of soap & water per towel.
  • Save Time: Cleaning your car in your driveway or at the car wash with water takes a lot of time. To drive to, wait in line, wash and dry will range from 30-60 minutes. Using Croftgate USA Waterless Car Wash, you don't have to wait in line or drive somewhere to clean it. It can be easily cleaned virtually anywhere/any time. It is fast. Just spray on, rub in and wipe off. The first time you use it, you will probably use too much product and it may take you 20-40 minutes. After your first couple of uses, it will go faster. You will also notice the surface will be super slick and the anti-static properties will bounce the dirt off for weeks. This means you will clean your car less times per month and your car will great at all times. Touch up is very easy and even quicker.
  • Keep the value of your vehicle: These days cars cost are much more than ever and the economic downturn has forced people to keep for a longer period of time. It is our opinion that if you take good care of your car and clean and polish it regularly, you will have a higher resale value than if you let it go or run it through the "car wash" regularly.

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The Road Affair Franchise Cost & Investment

Commenced Operations

Operations Commenced On 2014

Distribution Commenced On 2014

Distribution Details
Trade partners
Types of Channels Investment (If any) Margin / Commissions Area Requirement
Dealer 30%% 600-800 sq ft - Sq.ft

The Road Affair Expansion Plans


- NA -


Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu


- NA -


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- NA -

Union Territories

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The Road Affair Franchise Agreement Details

How long is the dealership term for? 10 Years

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How to get The Road Affair Franchise

Franchise India stands as a premier platform offering a wide spectrum of franchise opportunities across diverse industries. Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey through a franchise presents a promising venture. To get a The Road Affair franchise, you can fill up the application form provided on the website and our expert team will guide you with all the details viz. The Road Affair franchise fee, The Road Affair franchise cost, The Road Affair apply process and more. Our team will guide you during the process to avail The Road Affair franchise.

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