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Mar, 03 2017


Nawabi Rasoi believes that reasonable and quality food delivery is going to be the next area for disruption in the restaurant business

We’re getting spoilt for choice, when it comes to ordering food in India. There’s always the classic option of making a phone call, or, using app to place an order yourself. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about someone misunderstanding your order and sending the wrong dishes, or worse, making the delivery at someone else’s house. Witnessing an upmarket trend and being experts in offering quality food as food manufacturers, “Dark Kitchen” restaurant, Nawabi Rasoi in Pune was launched around three years ago. Nawabi Rasoi is a 100 per cent technology-based food delivery restaurant involving aggregators to sell their product and developing their own technology too. It delivers authentic, delicious, and incredibly reasonable food at your door steps.

Explaining the reason of starting the restaurant, Md.Anzar Alam, Founder , Nawabi Rasoi, says: “Our brand is visible online to the customers. The dark kitchen concept is nothing but a kitchen that is invisible to the customers. This helps in reducing the pricing on infrastructure and hospitality services, which in return can be used for serving good quality food at affordable prices.”


Nawabi Rasoi is a food processing restaurant following a model of dark kitchen. Besides this, the brand also offers Nawabi Rasoi BBQ Party and Nawabi Rasoi catering services for corporates . Under this brand, a live kitchen can be set up at the respective event venue. Whether it is a business event, or a wedding, they have a dedicated set team for organizing big, large scale events with an option of customized menu.


The profitability factor, or the real winning factor for any investor or partner, who associates with Nawabi Rasoi lies in the fact that unlike other restaurant brands it is a food processing brand that offers a healthier & better RoI.

A potential franchisee looking at partnering with the brand has all the benefits, as the partner post association will operate the franchise centre as a production unit for the brand with less investment.


Less setup cost: Being based on the dark kitchen concept, the set up cost of operating the centre is comparatively lesser than setting up any other QSR restaurant.

Centralized purchase: The franchisor will take the responsibility of the supply chain management for all the franchise centres too.

Round the year offer: The corporate tie-ups with the aggregators will help the franchise centres for higher sales

Less rental cost as no need to be at premium location: Location doesn’t plays a significant role in opening Nawabi Rasoi franchise centre as it is a dark kitchen concept that will help the franchisee save a lot of rentals & operational cost too.


The brand aims to be the best food supply chain all across India by offering world-class food at affordable prices with consistent quality, value, and commitment to its customers.


For scalability of the brand, the team is seeking potential investors and partners. Any aggregator can sell their product using their own technology. When asked about the profit margins compared to other brands, Alam avers: “We have high margin band, where we can offer high return on investment.”


Online ordering aggregators and third-party delivery services have helped to bridge the gap for many restaurants, but packaging still remains a challenge. Takeaway and delivery packaging must be cost effective, functional, easy to handle and pleasing to use; customers view delivery as a convenience service, but it is a luxury, and the presentation of such meals must align with that perception in order to provide a satisfying experience.

The brand believes that successful packaging can make delivery service more convenient and more enjoyable, bringing with it a little bit of the personality of the restaurant from which it came. Similarly, they also consider that packaging can be used as a branding and differentiating tool. For Nawabi Rasoi, right packaging used for delivering the food is the priority. The brand uses such packaging product that can be used in oven, microwave or in other mediums without affecting the food quality.

They believe that once the delivery has been completed, the customer must experience a moment that is closer to what the diner might receive inside a restaurant.



The concept of dark stores is still in its nascent stage but has booming potential for growth unlimited. Md Anzar Alam sheds light on dark stores & its growth.

The viability of this concept is more validate in bigger towns, if yes, and then you are only planning to expand in tier 1 & 2 cities.

Initially, we want to target tier 1 cities in first phase and in second phase tier 2 cities with master franchisee model and franchisee model and then eventually move to bigger towns.

Will you customize the menu as per the location?

No, we will not, it will remain same pan-India.

What kind of growth do you see for your brand in the next five years?

We are aiming to become the country’s first dark kitchen restaurant.

How many centers do you have and what are your expansion plans?

Currently, we are in eight locations and now we are looking at reaching 240 locations through the franchise model.

How do you see franchising contributing towards the growth of your business?

Franchising will help us in managing local association with our vendors/aggregator delivery team and more importantly it will help in maintaining quality food for our customers.

What criteria do you follow to select the franchisees &

what kind of train­ing and support do you provide to the franchisees?

For franchisees, we are analyz­ing the finan­cial capacity and demo­graphics. Training will be provide for process development and its imple­mentation

Has demoneti­zation affected your industry?

Demonetization has increased our sales, as our model is 100 per cent online.

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