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Jan, 07 2017


India is a place where people not just watch Bollywood movies but are crazy about it. To cash in on this consumer behavior, Shemaroo Entertainment has launched its merchandise arm Yedaz. Yedaz is an initiative every Bollywood movie buff can swear by. Jai...

What gave you an idea to launch Yedaz?

This is a new initiative of Shemaroo Entertainment. We are associated with Bollywood and animation content in multiple ways. But we were looking the ways through which people can get engaged with the content, brand and movies. We have already marked our presence on TV, mobile and Internet. Merchandise was one new area, where more youth are getting connected and they are looking for ways to engage with the content. They form a relation with the characters they like, and we wanted to take this relationship ahead.

What all retail platforms are you present at?

We have done a soft-launch through Comic Con Delhi and Mumbai. Post-launch, we will go on to the online platforms and target the top e-commerce portals and retail network.

What potential do you see in Bollywood licensing, especially when the licensing industry is dominated by the global content?

Bollywood licensing is a new concept when compared with Hollywood licensing. In India, people are crazy about Bollywood movie. No doubt, there are iconic characters in Hollywood, but local content dominates the scenario. Avengers is a huge franchise globally, but it can’t beat the Rajnikant craze. Merchandise is a new thing to do in the Indian cinema, and many brands and retailers have emerged in the past two years. This is when we thought of using this as a tool to engage with new consumers.

There is a huge gap between liking and buying, especially with Bollywood content. How are you planning to bridge this gap?

I agree, but of late the gap has reduced. We have seen this pattern with the youth that they are actually willing to spend on character they like. We have tried to add a funky touch to any classic dialogue, so that the youth can relate easily.

Who is your target audience?

We aren’t aiming at an urban and elite market. We are targeting on young, college going crowd. We have kept the pricing accordingly.

What are the categories you have included in the portfolio?

We have cushions, T-shirts, coasters, mugs, badges, fridge magnets, beer mugs. We are also working on mobile and laptop covers.

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