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Jan, 17 2017


Big profits come in small packages. Those who have big dreams to venture into business but are constrained due to lack of capital, Kwickies brings you an option worth investing in

The kiosks and carts format was started in 1976 in Boston, US, but then the concept did not gained popularity until 1980. Since then, it has grown steadily. The concept of organized kiosks and carts emerged in India recently, but it has become a popular business concept in a short duration. Riding on the similar concept and witnessing a lot of potential in quick serving food industry, Kwickies took its inception in 2016 after entering into MOU with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. The concept has been launched by dynamic and industry expert entrepreneurs, which is the culmination of their sustained and rigorous effort over the years. These entrepreneurs had envisioned this concept keeping in mind its affordability, taste, convenience, hygienic food and time invested on food purchase and keeping in mind the average Indian spend, this concept was conceived.

After years of research and toiling, Kwickies is developed to make a difference in the ready-to-eat food industry. S. G. Prakash Rao Sathe, Managing Director, Kwickies, talks about his entrepreneurial voyage and how investing in Kwickies will get quicker yet healthy profits.

How has been your entrepreneurial stint?

Having expertise in owning and operating Indian Oil Retail Outlet business since 1982, it’s almost been five decades in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for our family. I took over my family business in 2000 and since then there is no looking back. We made foray into food business recently looking at the potential this industry offers. From fuel to construction to food, education, property development our entire family is involved in business space under the banner of Sree Venkateshwara Group of Companies.

What business model do you operate for Kwickies?

We have just launched a kiosk model at our petrol pump in Indiranagar Bangalore for Kwickies where we have started serving quick take-away multi-cuisine food concept ranging from snacks, beverages & desserts served from breakfast to dinner (B2D) concept. We offer our customers a service where they can place their order at the filling point or online or through phone and collect their meal without wasting time from our petrol pump. Whether the customer is getting fuel filled or not, one has an option to buy quick meals anytime with hassle-free parking.

Where are you planning to expand?

Initially, we are planning to open 20-25 Kwickies outlets across Karnataka and then expand across the length & breadth of the nation.

What was the proud moment for you as an entrepreneur?

Being one of the highest selling Indian Oil dealer in the country, we were awarded for best performing outlet in Karnataka for past one & half decade.

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