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Jan, 07 2017


9Round, the world’s leading chain of boxing and kickboxing fitness franchises, is all set to enter the Indian market. In an interaction with Payal Gulati, Shannon Hudson, co-founder and CEO of 9Round shares his business model and plans for India.

How is 9Round different from other fitness gyms?

9Round Fitness is a specialized fitness center that brings boxing and kickboxing to the average person in a convenient, affordable, 30-minute and full-body circuit format. The workouts involve aerobic (cardio), anaerobic and resistance training. The programme is developed around a proprietary, copyrighted system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter. Whether members are beginners or advanced in their fitness levels, certified 9Round trainers will help them kick and punch their way to a healthier version of themselves.

What all fitness challenges is 9Round addressing?

With our circuit training method, we have solved the four problems of the fitness industry. The first is people not being able to get to a gym on time for a workout class. With 9Round, members perform exercises using common kickboxing gym equipment like dumbbells, kettle bells and punching bags and they switch through nine different stations. A bell rings every three minutes and when the bell rings, members switch stations. This way, there are no set class times.

Second, is that it’s hard to fit a good workout into such a short amount of time. But, thanks to the specially devised kickboxing-inspired exercises at 9Round, a full-body workout can be achieved in 30 minutes.

Thirdly, we have solved the problem of repetition by having different workouts every day.

And finally, 9Round gets around the usual large square footage requirements of gyms by having no machines, allowing them to keep a modest footprint of about 1,200 square feet. The small size ensures that the overhead remains low and the club culture is intimate; trainers are able to work closely with members so they see results.

‘30-minute workout session’ - isn’t it hard to fit a good workout into such a short time?

9Round is a complete full-body workout. People don’t need more time in the gym, they need direction, guidance, and instruction, which leads to more intensity – that is how our workout guarantees results.

What is an ideal franchisee for you? What support do you offer?

Our Ideal Master Franchisee is a person or company with the operational experience and financial resources to grow our brand in India on a multi-unit basis.

We offer full support which includes real estate guidelines, build-out guidance and club design, operational training at 9Round World Headquarters in US, onsite opening support, master franchisee training, complete back-office solution to manage franchisees and branded store equipment including gloves, bags, hand wraps, and internal signage.

How important is India as an international market for 9Round?

India is an important market for us. We have an aggressive international expansion plan and are already active in the Middle East, Japan, Mexico and the UK. Our unique scalable model is the perfect fit for the rapidly growing fitness sector in India and we are looking forward to being a leader in that sector.

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