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Jan, 07 2017


Pure Nectar, a cold-pressed juice brand, was started over 20 years ago as Fruit Magic in the Philippines by Dr. Alan Escalona. In an exclusive chat, Harish Babla, MD and CEO, Global Franchise Masters shares the growth strategy and plans for India

What made Pure Nectar plunge in cold-pressed juice sector?

Dr. Alan Escalona from the Philippines started Fruit Magic as a traditional juice business over 20 years ago. Being a medical doctor he was more interested in prevention rather than treating preventable sicknesses. The traditional juice business which is a mature market had limited options for innovation, until the arrival of cold-press technology. For Dr. Alan and the Fruit Magic team, this was the moment to leverage their two decades of experience and jump on a fast moving new direction. It was the time for Pure Nectar to be born.

What is one thing Pure Nectar has which other fresh fruit juices don’t have?

Pure Nectar juice is freshly made locally without the use of preservatives or additives or processed sugar. The juices are cold pressed to extract the maximum nutrients rather than being blended, a process which generates heat and as a result breaks down the benefit of nutrients contained in the fruits and vegetables

What’s your business model?

Each franchisee in their territory opens a Production Facility where fresh Pure Nectar juice is made. Pure Nectar Juice is sold in two primary ways 

Wholesale Distribution: Our super-cooling refrigerators are placed by the franchisee at third party locations such as cafés, restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals, gyms and other such locations. We also wholesale to the event and catering companies or catering departments at hotels.

Retail Distribution: Home and office delivery via the Pure Nectar e-commerce website. If the franchisee chooses, they can also open Retail Pure Nectar kiosks in traffic areas.

What’s the selection criterion for Indian franchisees?

We are looking for franchisees who are capable of opening a Production Facility in a given metro and be able to grow both a wholesale and retail distribution network. Besides, we look at other criteria such as NECTAR sufficient capital to acquire the franchise and start the business, alignment with our vision of the business and our Code of Conduct which outlines how we wish to do business. We want our franchisees to build a thriving business and the key to their success is being committed to following our franchise system.

What is your vision for the Indian market and how will franchising help you attain the goals?

The beauty of the Pure Nectar business is that everything is localized. India is a large market with many metros. In tier I and some tier II cities, we could likely have more than one franchisee to cover the market. In tier III cities it is likely that a single franchisee may be able to cover the market area.

We are a franchise company who believes that the right franchisee will deliver a quality product and customer experience. Franchisees also have the incentive to build strong relationships in the communities that they live and work in. This together with the strong Pure Nectar franchise system creates a win-win situation.ll

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