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Feb, 04 2017


Preeti Bhandary, Co-Founder, Little Elly shares the lesson plan for strengthening the brand’s growth pan-India

Explain in brief about the brand & its salient features.

Little Elly is present in six states with 125 franchise centers and over 7000 students apart from a huge team of faculty members. The trend setting unique­ness of Little Elly lies in the following salient features of the brand: Multi- media Ear­ly Learning Program (ELP), Approach – Montessori & Waldorf Methodologies, Progressive Curriculum, Child-centered, Autonomous and Paced(CAP) Learning, Teaching at Little Elly & Holistic Diligence.

What made you choose franchising & how has it helped the brand in scalability?

The vision of the organiza­tion is to extend the benefits of our program to as many children as possible within the shortest possible time. Franchising was an ideal solution not only in achiev­ing this but also in partnering with like-minded individuals to foster this vision while providing the opportunity of ownership to prospective franchisees.

What kind of growth do you see for your brand in the next five years?

We are planning to expand across 15 prime cities in India with 500 centers. We are also targeting three international markets for overseas expansion and have already made our presence in the US with our first Little Elly Preschool in Seattle.

Any preference for women entrepreneurs as your business partners?

Women can achieve anything they set their mind upon. Little Elly believes that women are innately gifted to take care of young children. Women are organized, self-motivated, and re­sponsible, have strong network­ing skills and are willing to start small to grow big. 95% of our franchisees are women.

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