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Feb, 02 2017


Shreya Lavsi & Neenabain Lavsi of The Raymond Store – Ahmedabad, strongly believes that franchising has helped them in creating their brand.

How franchising has helped you?

Franchising is a long-term cooperative relationship between two entities – franchisor and franchisee. Franchisor helped us in scientific planning of store layout, furniture, invento­ry planning, product mix, staff grooming tips and training. It also guided in marketing of the store.

How you choose loca­tion for the store?

Most of the Raymond cus­tomers are discerned buy­ers and sales comes from planned buying. Hence, ambience and comfort play a vital role. So we preferred high-street location over mall in the city like Ahmedabad.

What training and sup­port you received from the brand?

Trainings like product detailing, effective stock mix planning, and re-ordering of stock. The brand also helps in pur­chase planning to avoid dead stock and minimize inventory cost. They also educate us in dealing the customers; explain us the USP of the product. Frequently, we receive training from the brand.

Do you feel franchising brings a local flavor to a business?

Definitely, franchising adds a local flavor to the brand. Apart from desired merchandise, engaging customers in their local language & making the pa­trons realize that they have been served with the best & most luxurious product they were seeking makes them more satisfied.

How do you feel fran­chisor and franchisee should collaborate for a win-win situation?

Franchisor should support franchisee by providing desired product, market­ing support, and educating franchise of modern retail­ing methods, helping them in increasing footfalls in both store and advertising. On the other hand, fran­chisee should act the eyes and the ears of the brand by giving constructive feedback of local trends, preferences, competitor’s activities and initiatives.

How is custom tailor­ing service creating a difference in the retail market?

The custom-made activity is as important as adding spices to food. Creative, reliable and consistent dressmaking are important for the success of a fabric store.

What are your expansion plans?

Raymond is the market leader in retailing. Our store was the first fabric store at C.G. Road, Ahmedabad. We have identified one more property in a prominent location and planning to open another store.

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