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May, 21 2016


Partnering with a global super biking brand 'Hyosung, DSK entered the super biking industry and conceptualised DSK Motowheels in the year 2012. Sachin Bhaiya, Marketing Head, DSK tells Deepankar Hemnani about the brand's future plans.

Partnering with a global super biking brand 'Hyosung, DSK entered the super biking industry and conceptualised DSK Motowheels in the year 2012. The conglomerate which has already witnessed admirable heights in real estate, construction, information technology, robotics, animation cinema, education, etc also joined hands with the Italian super bike maker Benelli in the year 2015 to present its 105 year old racing lineage in India. Sachin Bhaiya, Marketing Head, DSK Benelli and DSK Hyosung tells Deepankar Hemnani about the brand's future plans.

Please tell us the journey of Benelli and Hyosung with DSK so far?

The journey so far has been quite enticing and valuable for the company. We have learned a lot in terms of the shift in the superbike market in the last four years since the inception of DSK Motowheels in 2012. Today, we stand strong as the second largest superbike brand in terms of volume, with 32 sales and service outlets across India. We have the widest foot prints in the Indian superbike industry, where the competition is going stronger with more and more players coming in. Our association with Benelli has been similarly rewarding. Benelli is a 105 years old Italian brand, with a strong racing heritage, it is also one of the few companies which saw two world wars, and has never gone out of production.

India is continuously witnessing global biking brands venturing into the Indian market. What makes your brands stand apart in the Indian market?

The reason that two brands Benelli and Hyosung stand apart compared to other brands is the determination and willingness of DSK Motowheels to offer these fantastic and richly power packed products at a very competitive pricing, giving us the competitive edge over others. We ensure that you receive a comprehensive, well-rounded user experience that incorporates into both, before and after-sales services. Our consumer-centric initiatives such as the DSK first, DSK Expert and 24X7 roadside assistance ensure that we deliver the best customer experience possible.

Do you think that the Indian consumer is evolving in terms of opting between global brands? What are the factors that they keep in mind?

Definitely, over a period of time there has been a drastic shift in the way consumers choose a motorcycle, and this shift was recognised after more and more players started entering the Indian market with a variety of motorcycles catering to different genres of riding. Given their increased aspirational requirements, quality and performance at a competitive price point are amongst the foremost things that Indian consumers look for while buying a superbike.

What are your plans for expansion in India?

We have recently launched the first 250cc Italian superbike, the Benelli TNT 25 in India, which has also received excellent response from the market. Since the launch, we stand tall today with 15 sales and service points across India, which is also the largest in the industry after DSK Hyosung. To take things a notch higher, we are looking forward to setup 15 more showrooms pan- India by the end of 2016 and are all geared up to add another four versatile products in our Indian portfolio.

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