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May, 11 2016


Ayurveda has been the traditional method of promoting health and wellness in India since the ancient times. However, this segment is in urgent need of serious players who can create value for these treatments to a larger consumer base

Ayurveda has been the traditional method of promoting health and wellness in India since the ancient times. However, in the present times these treatments have been pushed to the periphery by the overpowering modern medicine confining its limits only for skin treatment, relaxation and stress relieving procedures that are available to people with a higher purchasing power. This segment is in urgent need of serious players who can create value for these treatments to a larger consumer base and help this segment to expand.

THE scope for the growth of ayurvedic centres is immense. Even, the Indian government supports research and teaching in ayurveda through many channels at both the national and state levels. The government has approved setting up of an All India Institute of Ayurveda, the first ever referral-cum-teaching facility in the world's oldest health care system, in New Delhi. World Health Organization statistics demonstrate traditional medicine as being the primary system of health care. In Sri Lanka, the number of traditional ayurveda practitioners is greater than trained modern medicine professionals.

An ayurveda centre can be successful only if the knowledge is handed down properly. “In service industry model, there is lot of hidden hassle which normally no body tell to franchise owner. To run a successful ayurveda wellness franchise, we have to provide manpower, treatment protocol, result oriented medicines, marketing and brand promotions, backend support etc. But, many brands do not provide these supports. We have a very fair and transparent business strategy to run franchise unit”, explained Vishnu Dutt Sharma, Business Head, Deep Ayurveda.

What franchisor looks for?

“We look at the investor's interest in propagation of ayurveda and love for it. We have certain standards fixed under Kairali, we tend to deliver those and if the investor is willing to go forward with them, both ours as well as the investors brand can add value to each other”, shared Abhilash K Ramesh, Executive Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group.

“For selecting a franchise we have certain criteria. The first prerogative is the investor's interest level when it comes to ayurveda, financially condition to mange things and why they want to set up”, said Krishna Kumar, Co Founder & MD, Keva Ayurveda Health Care Pvt Ltd.

Franchise support

“We conduct the training for the therapists is carried out in our Delhi centre while onsite training is carried out for other administrative and managerial staff. We also help our franchises in the marketing activities that include promoting the franchise centre at our centres websites, PR, social media etc. All marketing collaterals designs are provided by us. We also train the owner in the general field of ayurveda, so they know the product and have enough knowledge to run day to day operations”, said Ramesh.

Sharma says: “We offer clinical proven ayurvedic treatment protocol with focus on chronic diseases treatment. We help in the entire recruitment procedure for doctors,and other staff. We provide OPD software to manage patient record and related data. We also provide online and offline treatment related support as well as marketing and promotional support. We also assist in exclusive revenue increasing tie up that include the lab, diagnostic procedures etc. We also provide backend and technical support to run a successful centre.”

Keva Ayurveda supports in selecting the right location, interior and exterior designs, furnishing and equipments. It also provide well-trained doctors and therapists, operational procedures set-up, software support, identifying and stocking medicine and herbal products with better mark up, advertising and promotional literature such as brochures, flyers, gift vouchers, membership cards, diagnostic protocol, feedback forms, marketing strategies and SOPs for operations.

Expected Return on Investment

There are many advantages in this industry for prospective investors. It is recession proof; it reaches out to a larger chunk of target consumers across all income groups. Ramesh said: “ The investor must be clear with his/her long term vision. Investor needs to understand that this business will not bring in returns from day one, so he/she must put all efforts to promote and create awareness. The investor must also have patience for return on investments as breakeven is usually happens in 1-1.5 years.”


Ayurveda has a great future in India as the huge demand is increasing due to various factors like the stressful working culture, exhaustive lifestyle, the endless quest of peace and the growing ailments with less healthy environment. Therefore, people are on a constant run for serenity and are ready to splurge for the services.

Kerala Ayurveda is planning for super franchise to operate in 15 major cities in India. So, there will be 20 centres in India.

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