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Mar, 03 2016

Good, Great, Global Brands On Desi Land

. Breaking the monotony and offering some unique franchise opportunities for Indian investors, is the mantra international brands are adopting. Let us learn about a few of these unique concepts.

Presently, there are more than 3,000 franchise brands in India and around 1,000 global brands every year are contemplating entry plans for Indian territories. Breaking the monotony and offering some unique franchise opportunities for Indian investors, is the mantra international brands are adopting. Let us learn about a few of these unique concepts.

With an expectation to quadruple in volume in the next five years, the Indian franchise industry will contribute approximately 4% to India's gross domestic product in 2017. The boom of franchising and dynamic Indian market has tempted brands to bring in their unique brand offerings for investors.

A brand new flavor in coffee biz

The coffee market in general is a billion pound market and the average consumption is increasing worldwide. But 'on the go' segment is Indian café market is a novelty. “The majority of coffee shop chains are not that profitable, because they have extremely high fixed costs, partly due to the high rental costs in premium locations. In contrast to this stands, Coffee-Bike franchise concept, which keeps the fixed costs to a minimum and is more profitable as it eliminates the biggest cost factor of a traditional coffee shop,” said Tobias Zimmer, CEO, Coffee-Bike.

Bouncing returns in trampoline industry

Kids fitness and entertainment has been a growing segment in franchising. However, unlike traditional stereotypical concepts, Flipout offers franchise opportunities in trampoline industry, a category that has just hit the Indian market. The brand aims at capitalising on the fast growing trend of recreational fitness and active fun along with the burgeoning trampoline industry. “Flipout offers a profitable business model with low fix overheads and high margins, short payback period and high returns. The investment cost is relatively low when compared to other traditional forms of entertainment and there are multiple revenue streams,” said Guri Josan, Operations Director, Flipout.

Tell us about this unique concept.

The Coffee-Bike GmbH is one of the fastest growing and most innovative franchise systems in Germany. Our partners sell delicious organic coffee specialities, tea, fresh orange juice and snacks at their Coffee-Bikes.

Key advantages of partnering 3m2 with Coffee-Bike.

On only 3m2 of space, we have developed a complete, self-sufficient coffee shop. It can be operated for up to 14 hours without any external water or electricity connection.

How has been your entrepreneurial journey been so far?

During our University studies, we realized that coffee is a high-margin product and that by running a coffee shop, this margin gets diminished by the high fixed costs. Then we saw someone on holiday selling coffee on a mobile stand. We saw that this could be the solution to eliminate the fixed cost structure and decided to develop our own Coffee-Bikes with our own international business concept behind it.

Partner With Coffee-Bike In India

  • It is negotiating Master Partnerships with Asian countries.
  • With India it is close to signing the final agreements.
  • In 2016 the first Coffee-Bike will be seen at the Indian high streets as well as on events and caterings.

What challenges do you see for Flip Out in India?

Challenge would be to control the customers. It is new but so entertaining that once you on the trampoline you wouldn't want to get out of it. To give you an idea Australia with a population of 23 million similar to that of NCR currently is a Hockey, Cricket and Rugby world champion. On top of that they were number 10th in medals tally during 2012 Olympics. They do that because of the sport culture instill in kids from the very young age.

What qualities do you seek in your franchisees?

  • No specific prior experience or prior skills required - all training is provided
  • Strong knowledge of local market preferences, legal parameters and localities
  • Well capitalized and established access to capital highly preferred
  • Passion for fun and fitness

Opportunities Galore By Flipout

  • The brand is seeking both Regional Master Franchisee and Single Unit Franchisee
  • Looking for expansion across all tier I and II cities in India
  • Forecast to open 5 centers by the end of 2016 and further 5-10 every year after that
  • Target locations: New Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ludhiana

The unique concept of Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is an ergonomic, patented custom designed stool by Robert Edwards, that mimics the natural squat posture with slightly raised eel for comfort. Its wide platform for natural posture and stability provides relief from constipation and bloating, hemorrhoids and straining as well as relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and pelvic floor and bladder issues.

“India has traditionally been squatting, but the advent of the modern toilet changed that. With this change also came many problems including regular constipation. Since stomach problem are the mother of all problems, we found this system that fulfills both requirements as well as keeps peoples style quotient very affective” said Lokantic Jain from JBA Sales the Master Franchisee and Distributor of Squatty Potty India.

The brand has a presence across major stores in Delhi and NCR in India.

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