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Feb, 04 2016

Local flavours move beyond local boundaries

The eating out trend is definitely growing in India and has evolved from just an occasion-driven activity, alternative/change from home-made food, sheer indulgence to a more regularly frequented activity.

India is one of the richest areas in the world in terms of region and cuisine variety, it is also indicating the methods of food preparation, which also influences flavour preferences. In new trends, restaurant customers value regional taste more than price and promotions. Current market and growth are evidence of changing trends towards Indianisation and localisation.

Indianisation and localisation

We observed that restaurants are modifying their core offerings to suit to the consumer's palate and are engineering menus to suit to the specific regional markets needs. Restaurants like Chutney's, 7Biryanis, Moti Mahal and Rayalaseema Ruchulu are doing well in the market and famous due to their regional taste. These brands are seeking partners to spread the taste and business pan-India


A Hyderabad based brand operates three outlets and specialises in providing authentic taste of Telugu cuisine and seven different types of biryanis to the individual. It also offers traditional Bamboo Chicken.

Thalappakatti Biryanis Restaurant

Started in 1957 by Nagasamy Naidu in Dindigul, Famous of Biryani. Dindigul Biryani at Thalappakatti is specifically prepared from superior quality seeragasamba rice with meat obtained from top-class breeds of cattle. Also serves mouth-watering and traditional non-vegetarian delicacies.

Copper Chimney

Founded in 1972 in the city of Mumbai by Late Jagdish Kapur, a prominent Bollywood Film maker and foodie, the Copper Chimney restaurant specialises in North Indian cuisine, offering hearty and mouth-watering mughlai curries, meat and fish tandoori dishes.


Serving the cuisine of the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire since 1913, Karim's is a very popular restaurant in New Delhi that has recently opened up a number of new locations.

Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal in Daryaganj is one of the Delhi's oldest surviving restaurants. Having been founded shortly after Indian independence in 1947, it claims to have introduces the recipes for tandoori chicken, butter chicken, burra kebabs and brain masala to the restaurant scene.

Spice Court

It is a traditional tribal recipe from Aravalli hills. This restaurant lives up its name. It's set in a lovely courtyard and offers the some of the spiciest dishes in Rajasthani cuisine like Junglee mass, a mutton dish cooked in just red chillies, garlic, onion and oodles of ghee.


Uttapams, Guntur Idlis, Corn Dosa and delicious regional chutneys are just few reasons why one can never find a seat at Hyderabad's most famous vegetarian restaurant Chutney's.

All these successful restaurants' are examples of consumers diversity and cultural connections. Keeping the growth and future, regional chains are moving beyond the territories via franchising to expand the regional taste.

The writer is a Senior Consultant - Strategy, Francorp

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