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Feb, 04 2016

“Been in franchisees’ shoes so understand their needs”

From running a number one Subway outlet in the world in terms of unit sales as a franchisee to owning two restaurants as a franchisor, it has been an accomplishing journey for Griffith David.

He shares with Franchise India his experience as a Subway franchisee and franchisor of Habanero and Burrito Boys brands.

Share your entrepreneurial journey so far.

I left my IT job in California and moved to Bangalore in 2006. I had no experience in the food space and so decided to open a Subway franchise outlet. This was a great learning experience and one of the best decisions I made as it helped me tremendously when I launched my own brand down the road. We launched our Mexican brand called Habanero in 2012 and have opened five outlets in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. We also have a Mexican fast casual brand called Burrito Boys which operates in Bangalore and Singapore.

You have also been awarded for the highest number of sales at your Subway outlet. How you made that happened?

Location is everything in retail and this is no different. We were fortunate in getting a prime location at the Bangalore International Airport. But, this is a 24/7 outlet and it comes with its own set of challenges as it takes a toll on people and equipment. People used to leave often and equipment wear and tear is high. We solved the people challenge by hiring more female staff. I have noticed that in India female staff tends to be more disciplined, punctual and focused on their job. This has made a big difference. We also have a very experienced team of managers running the show at the airport outlet. Today, this is the number one outlet in the world in terms of unit sales which is a very proud accomplishment for us.

Now you are yourself a franchisor since you have launched two brands. What is the difference in operations now?

We have learnt a lot from Subway. But, we have also refined the model and adjusted a few things. We understand the needs of the franchisee as I have been in those shoes. So we provide a lot more hands on support all the way from finding the location, negotiating with the landlord, designing the outlet, liaising with vendors etc.

What is your say on the Indian F&B market?

A challenging but very high potential and exciting market. One has to deliver a quality, value for money experience consistently with good service to succeed.

A word of advice for young entrepreneurs.

Follow your heart and your dreams. Then build a scalable process around it and you will succeed.

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