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Dec, 17 2016


​How electric vehicles are speeding their way in India

Electric vehicles are speeding their way in India, however, established players are adopting more orga­nized business formats to make this industry grow by leaps & bounds.

It is true that electric ve­hicles (EV) are often viewed with a skewed vision of being ‘boring’ cars with lim­ited range, performance and higher cost of acquisition. Presently, however, efforts are being made to bring in a paradigm shift in the performance of EVs. Brands like Hero Electric, Mahindra & other leading automotive players are investing in to make this industry boom. To make the industry grow faster these players have even adopted franchise & partnership models for scalability.

As per recent reports, As per Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, “The incen­tive for manufacturers to invest in developing such vehicles, however, will exist only if mass aware­ness is created to generate a point of inflection for the EV market. Infrastruc­tural changes are long-term strategies that will take years to materialize. Till then, however, the government can intervene with policy frameworks and innovative solutions to ensure the survival of EV manufacturers. For instance, the giant e-com­merce delivery network is an untapped resource that can be utilized to provide a market for Electronic Vehicles. Entering into collaborations with online platforms to utilize elec­tronic two-wheelers for their deliveries might prove to be a social experiment that can be accepted easily, as these platforms mostly cater to the environmentally-conscious urban youth. With a little bit of nudge and lots of motivated efforts from the government as well as other stakeholders, there is still hope to inspire Indian consumers to turn the EV way.” 

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