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Apr, 04 2016


The buzz is all about a practical way of education using the right skill set to meet the market demand in a result oriented approach. Education franchising market share is always more in India as compared to western countries.

CATERING to diverse investment appetite, the education sector provides optimum opportunities to aspiring investors across all geographical locations. Even the high investment brands are nowadays coming up with tactical approach to reduce initial investment.

During the nascent stage of franchising in India, preschools and IT training institutes dominated the market with huge number of franchise centres and now survival of these brands depends on the innovative approach they bring to the table.

In recent times the following are some of the sub-sectors in education and training segment that is changing the rules of the game in education franchising in India:

Sports Education:

Education system is changing in India from just beyond class rooms. Every school competing with peers not just on paper based exams but also on sports. The erstwhile PT teacher who was just responsible to give training on drill classes is fast being replaces by special coaches in specific areas of sports. This is a direct impact on the school students who are receiving the right training to compete globally. Even students within school and outside students are getting trained from globally proven international syllabus and getting certified.

Example: Pro Sports Education

Financial Literacy:

This structured training programs on trading is giving right education for retail investors to become entrepreneurs. The incubation and lab facility approach gives real-time training to students. The main focus is on technical analysis, money management, risk management and trade management techniques.

Example: Lana Trading School

K12 School:

Due to high demand in major cities for branded schools, K12 franchise offers are increasing and most schools popular in particular city or region are expanding to different states. Even though investment is high long-term benefits are attracting investors.

Example: DY Patil, Millennium Schools, etc.

Innovative Exam Management:

Right from registration to result the exam management started using innovative technology which can be replicated to many universities and competitive exams across India. The technology has lot of advantages due to high security level in question paper delivery system, digital evaluation system for hand written answer copies as it brings much accountability for evaluators. This process comes as service category in education sector.

Example: Mind Logix

Enrichment, Attitude, Leadership and Programs:

To develop the overall academic development for school going kids along with skill development, brands are coming up with unique approach that are tried and tested in markets like US, Canada and Australia. Attitude based life skills training programs are need of the hour for the current generation and based on this concept international and national brands are offering franchisees in this space. Such services include leadership training for school children through outdoor activities and sports, understanding the psychology of the student at the situations like success or failure taking capability.

Example: Best Brains, School

of Attitude and People Pro 

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