Entrepreneurial insights in beauty biz!
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Feb, 02 2016

Entrepreneurial insights in beauty biz!

Are you new in franchise arena and have several questions regarding initial risks and challenges of this unique business model? Well, here we bring the answers to all our readers' franchising queries via this regular column of expert's advice.

I want to open franchise outlet of a medi spa and salon in my town. Could you please suggest me what kind of location would be preferable? Would it be feasible to open it on the first floor and above or on the ground floor?

Rekha Balki, Kodaikanal

The most important factor about salon location is that it should be easily accessible, by both pedestrians and drivers. Parking area is required, and the surroundings must be attractive, well lit and safe. Having other retail businesses nearby is another positive factor as they can generate business for your salon as well. Once such a location as been decided upon, the advantages of ground floor over first floor are usually with regard to visibility and ease of access. These are factors that can be overcome even if your salon is on the first floor, with elevators in most buildings and signage for your salon installed judiciously. So we would suggest your prime concern should be with regard to location, rather than ground or first floor.

I am a college dropout but willing to pursue a professional beauty services course. I have a query like how is working in a salon studio different than working at a traditional salon?

Sarungbam Pushparani, Manipur

We assume that by salon studio you mean working with a salon that specialises in one particular service, as opposed to a traditional salon where you can avail of a mix of all services in hair, skin and make up. While working in a traditional salon will give you exposure in hair, skin and make up, working in a studio salon will give you the opportunity to focus on the specialisation of the salon. So the choice is yours depending on the career path you wish to opt for.

I am housewife located in a tier-III city and want to start a chain of nail art and hair styling bars. Do you think a market of tier-III city which is already decked up with local salons offering similar services would be a best bet to invest in?

Diksha Jain, Indore

It is a known fact that today salon opportunities in small towns are largely on the increase, due to the twin factors of increased disposable time and money available. The world has shrunk today and everyone is well connected with television and internet access. This has led to film stars and crickets players exerting strong influences on the way people in small town think and behave. The smart phone revolution currently on a boom in India today has also raised levels of aspirations in small town residents. All these elements put together make small towns extremely interesting ad viable opportunities for the salon industry.

On what basis does a franchisor select a potential franchisee? Is prior knowledge of the business a must?

Rajwardhan Rathore, Jaipur

We cannot speak for other franchise businesses, but to become a Naturals franchise the franchise partner need not possess knowledge of the beauty industry. We are a franchise friendly company and are willing to go the extra mile to make our franchise partners comfortable. We however do have basic expectations that the partner

  •  Is motivated and has a passion for the beauty industry
  •  Has a flair for customer service
  •  Follows all rules of the franchise agreement
  •  Follows processes that have been put in place

For any queries mail at askveena@franchiseindia.net

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