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Nov, 03 2015

Hair is the Well’a’ defined business opportunity

Citing the sudden transformation in the beauty and hair care industry, Wella India, a P&G Group company is eyeing on partnering with more salon and wellness chains.

In a candid conversation with Franchise India, Hariharan PK, Managing Director, Wella India shares the industry insight and his plans ahead.

Is Wella focusing on collaborating with organised salon chains?

What are the ways a business can grow? The business can grow with more number of Wella products, which is best among all. So I won’t categorise it as organised and unorganised. Every businessman is a businessman and he is an entrepreneur. Therefore, I m interested in collaborating with all the entrepreneurs who are willing to get associated with us. We have tie ups with so many beauty salons across India and look forward to add on more business partners in future.

Which is more profitable, distributorship of Wella products or partnership with beauty salon chains?

Here we are talking on two different things. Distributors are those who keep a track on all the accounts. With distributor we cannot grow the business. One needs more entrepreneurs, more salons and more partnership to grow and expand. Distributors are suppliers but collaborators and other business partners are those who creatively work with consumers. As of now we have three distributors in India.

Will Wella someday partner with a spa or wellness centre?

If a spa or wellness centre has a beauty business we are ready to open avenues with them too.

Skilled manpower is one of the biggest challenges in the beauty service industry? How do you cope up with it?

I agree on the fact that skilled manpower is the biggest challenge for beauty and service industry. There are couples of things we are doing. I am talking about the bottom level where we hire the underprivileged people, specially women. We have a Shiksha  programme running to train them. By far, now we have 400 qualified trained women and they will all be absorbed within the industry. We now aim to train 300 more this year and may be 1000 next year. The key is all my partners like Strands Salon, Bodycraft in Bangalore and others have their own training academies wherein they invite lot of youngsters to join the industry. The Govt. of India’s Skill Development Department is also working actively onto it and in fact we are in constant touch with Blossom Kochhar to work on the issue of trained manpower.

Share brand's future plans.

From our domain, we have come up with Illumina hair color, which is out of the world hair product with 21 shades compatible to Indian hair texture. We are certain that our hair products will bring in change in the utilisation of hair color in India. Wella pioneered in hair colour and hair styling products across the globe. Marking its 11th year of foray in India, we are ready to partner with those who are willing to get associated with us and see them grow along with the brand.

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