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Mar, 04 2015

Teacher turned mompreneur

Chaitali Sood lately acquired the franchise rights of Jymka, Ireland-based kids' fitness brand. She is now the Regional Franchise Owner for Punjab region and will be responsible for sub-franchising the centres.

In an interaction with TFW, she shares her journey and aspires to team up with young mothers and couples who are enthusiastic about fitness biz.

What really motivated to get into business and what all support (in terms of funding) have you received from your spouse and family?

It has been an unexpected change of plan in my career when I decided to go in the family way. During pregnancy, I started studying about child nutrition and healthcare and I came across very terrifying figures that children in India as young as five years old are prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. The primary reason behind these diseases is a lack of proper physical activity and over indulgence in junk food. After a doing a thorough market research, I along with my husband- Karan Sood and brother- Rajen Malik immediately shortlisted Ireland's fun Family Fitness Centre  Jymka.

Tell us in brief about Jymka.

Jymka provides unique, instructor-lead, age specific fitness classes for the whole family: babies, toddlers, kids, pre-teens, teens, ladies and men.  Established in 2003 in Ireland (Europe), Jymka is an International Franchising Association (IFA) award winning franchise business, which provides an essential service to get the family active within any community.  After many discussions and understanding the project in detail, we signed the deal with Jymka. We will be opening our first of six Jymka fitness centres in Amritsar soon.

What all training and business related support you render to mompreneurs?

Being the regional franchise owner of Jymka for Punjab area, we will be opening the first Jymka family fitness centre in Amritsar soon. Since we are sub-franchising so we will be opening five facilities throughout Punjab.  For selecting sub-franchisees, we will be looking for young moms/couples who are fitness enthusiasts, have passion for work and most importantly love for kids.

We at Jymka, ensure to promote fitness as lifestyle for young babies, kids, teens and adults. This is a completely fun-based concept for whole family with instructor lead, age appropriate fun class programmes with many different new forms of exercises for all. For training and business related support, sub franchisees will undergo five days of training at our centre. They will be given full insight on managerial training to run their business, instructor training to train their staff. In addition, all our sub-franchisees can make use of Jymka bespoke internet management system and website for their fitness centre.

Jymka is Ireland-based brand which was founded in 2003. It's a husband wife initiative of Maurice Byrne & Anne Marie. They are now keen about tapping Indian market for expansion.


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