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Jul, 03 2015

Services industry: Safe, secure & super profitable for women

India stands tall compared to other countries worldover when it comes to women entrepreneurship. The growth of the services franchise sector in India has given a fillip to the fairer sex as majority of franchisors in this sector prefer women to take their

A recent Global Entrepreneurialism Report conducted by international bank BNP Paribas placed India on top for the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs. The survey, which was conducted among 2500 entrepreneurs in 17 markets spanning the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, found that 49% of the entrepreneurs in India were women. India topped the table and was followed by Hong Kong (45%) and France (42%).

Also, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report ranked India second after Thailand among ten major countries with women entrepreneurs. Of the total women entrepreneurs in India, Mizoram has 27.67 % and Meghalaya has 33.03 %. These figures only underline the facts that this country has huge opportunities for the fairer sex when it comes to running their own ventures.

On the present scenario and the future of the Indian businesswomen, Ronak Kumar Samantray ,Co-Founder, NowFloats, believes, “While women do remain underrepresented within the entrepreneurial world right now in India, where we are today in regards to women representation as entrepreneurs is much better than where we were 10 years ago. And, we are bound to be in an even brighter place 10 years hence. An increased level of female education, more female role models, open and widespread acceptance and encouragement of diversity in the entrepreneurial world are all social trends that have empowered women. Not to say that there will be no challenges specific to women-of course there will be. However, slow and steady advances towards a more accepting and encouraging entrepreneurial ecosystem are definitely underway. The future for women entrepreneurs seems bright  the hope is that all segments of society work in cooperation towards this pursuit.”

Srileka Reddy, Director Marketing and Co-Promoter, Snap Fitness, shares, “We at Snap Fitness strongly believe and understand that any service industry, especially health and wellness is best led by women. Women by nature are nurturing and caring and what better way to give back to society than by making people healthier and happier. Also, women can do multi-tasking and give attention to detail much more effectively and efficiently. All of which is very crucial for running a successful fitness centre.”

“The future will be more of women coming out from the role of traditional housewives to an independent entrepreneur. The future of women being an entrepreneur is booming and it's going to be a successful one,” adds Gita Ramesh, Joint Managing Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group.

Franchise opportunities in services sector

On the other hand, franchising in  services sector is scaling new heights each passing day in India. This sector is throwing many opportunities for the women who are willing to invest and start their own ventures.

“We will soon be launching a financing option only for women where every woman will have an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and be a proud owner of a Snap Fitness centre. Through this project, we will ensure that they are financially self-reliant and we stand as a support to them with our knowledge base of several years,” Srileka throws light on the kind of initiative her brand has taken for female.

On her part, Gita Ramesh, shares, “At Kairali, we offer various opportunities to women- Kairali Ayurvedic Centre Franchisee and Keya Spa for tier I and II cities. They can run their own business by opting for the franchise route where we provide professional Masseurs from Kerala, Kairali's own products and oil for the therapies. We also do complete setup for them if required. For tier III cities, we provide Kairali products Arogya Shala and Arogya Kendra where they can set up their own Ayurveda business with different doctors under one roof in the name of Arogya Kendra, whereas in Arogya Shala where one can setup its own Kendra individually using all Kairali products under the name of Arogya Kendra, and for Kairali Products one can setup its own franchise of Kairali Ayurvedic Products.”

Explaining about his brand, Samantray tells The Franchising World, “NowFloats offers services that enable entrepreneurs  women and men alike  to create, manage and promote their online presence without the need for coders or designers. Essentially, a business owner can now drive commerce online from behind their mobile or computer screens. This kind of autonomy can be a boon for women entrepreneurs who tend to have tight schedules and need the flexibility to build their business while typically juggling various roles and responsibilities.”

Going one step further in providing opportunities for the fairer sex is Naturals Beauty Salon India Pvt Ltd. Its Co-Founder and MD, K Kumaravel's mission is that with 10,000 job opportunities, he wants to create 1000 successful women entrepreneurs of 3000 salons and, thereby, 50,000 employment opportunities by 2016.





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