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Jul, 03 2015

How to make millions @home

Author of Harry Potter fantasy series, J K Rowling once said- “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Today's working women is surely making correct choices for her career. One valuable commodity that every woman has

Author of Harry Potter fantasy series, J K Rowling once said- “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Today's working women is surely making correct choices for her career. One valuable commodity that every woman has a problem using wisely is time, especially women entrepreneurs. However, there are businesses a woman can do from her home to wisely manage time for her home, health & business. Let's know from the aspiring women entrepreneurs that what all opportunities they have in store for all of us.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, women have to accept a setback in their professional lives and they decide to be at home for the family. Here, the role of work from home opportunities comes in. Currently, plenty of brands are offering avenues to such women to work and earn from home.

A woman of 21st century is now taking a smart turn in her life. i.e- working from home and side by side taking care of kids. A  report on employment and unemployment by the government's National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) - responsible for doing socio-economic surveys in the country - covering the years 2011-12 revealed that since the previous survey in 2009-10, over 9 million women had been 'lost' from India's workforce in rural areas. However, 3.5 million had gained jobs in urban areas. Yet that's hardly a silver lining. Many more brands need to show up and give opportunities to women willing to work from home. One such female who is strengthening other females is Nita Mehta. A known name in the world of cooking, Nita now has her restaurant, cook books, magazines, cooking classes and much more. She offers a winning franchise proposition under her cooking classes. Nita says: “I have had many women thanking me as learning from our academies have made them successfully set up their bakery shops or food catering business. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to empower other women and help them utilise their latent potential.”

Started in 2011, an online Ayurvedic store, Nirogam provides opportunities to investors with its wide range of products. It retails over 800+ products on the store and has over 1500+ Ayurveda and health related articles on its blog for the readers. These articles are contributed by women working from home for Nirogam. Nirogam's range of herbal supplements and Ayurvedic products has gained huge appreciation in India and worldwide markets including those of USA and UK too. Puneet Aggarwal, Founder, says: “We have a flexible program for women where the remuneration is based on the number of hours you put in.” For women who have a keen interest in beauty and spa industry, SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals has many offers. Conceived in 2013, SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals is a company specialising in manufacture and distribution of miraculous spa and skincare products. It's a community that is ready to help women who help each other. In SeaSoul, women get all the support they deserve like trainings, brochures, samples and other materials that help them to share the product they love. Manisha Chopra, Director- Co-Founder of the brand comments: “We have a model where women get paid for their connections. We provide flexible working opportunities so that they work for lesser hours n spend rest of time with family. One can join free of cost and start selling product after all the trainings been provided by the company. The only requisite is to have passion to succeed.” For females who love to shop online, they can choose to associate with Be a member and get an opportunity to earn extra in the form of commission and get additional discount for yourself.

Ladies, you have options in travel too!

According to a report by World Travel and Tourism Council- Travel and tourism industry is set to grow 7.5% in 2015. In 2014, the industry contributed Rs 7.64 trillion and 36.7 million jobs to the Indian economy. Seeing these statistics, working from home options for women also see a bright light. A very talented workforce exists outside the corporate ecosystem that is keen to make careers on their own terms. This insight led to the conceptualisation of the Holiday Expert channel by MakeMyTrip. Their Holiday Expert program is designed specifically for stay-at-home women who have prior work- experience and love to travel. MakeMyTrip offers them the prospect to take up customer queries, help plan and sell a holiday, and earn upto one third of the profits which MakeMyTrip makes on every holiday booking. provides all the necessary training and background information to transform these ladies into 'Holiday Experts'. They also undergo extensive training and educated about various travel destinations, MakeMyTrip booking processes, transaction modalities and other related details. Yuvaraj Shrivastava, Senior Vice President-HR, shares: “On an average, a holiday expert books 4-6 holidays every month, earning between Rs. 20,000-30,000 a month. Top-selling Holiday experts can make up to Rs. 65000 a month too.”

Opportunity for women at home

Chennai based, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh started her career with Citibank and chose to take a break to take care of her two children. After a while, she decided to start AVTAR, a talent strategy organisation in 2000. The initiative to provide part-time, flexi-time opportunities for women was started in 2005 with the launch of AVTAR I-WIN, an exclusive network for women professionals. More than 30,000 women are registered on the network. The brand provides skill-based training, career counselling and career opportunities for women. Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder  President, AVTAR Career Creators and FLEXI Careers India says: “A franchise model is one option that helps women who seek such flexibility. It also provides them the opportunity of being an entrepreneur without having to go through the grind of establishing their presence and creating their own brand in the market. Statistics show that women who are vulnerable from a sustainable-career perspective, who have to manage both work and home, quit the workplace since their earning potential is not justified by what they have to spend to manage both their commitments.”

Healthy business makes happier home

= Nirogam is currently looking for work-from-home womenpreneurs for the role of chat support agents, content writers, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts, Ayurvedic doctors and nutrition consultants and dieticians. The brand plans to start franchising its concept by next 12-18 months.

= Nita Mehta has a model of Cooking Academy wherein women are provided opportunity in cooking, baking, food garnishing and over 50 other such courses.

=, content to commerce market place for babycare essentials, runs an innovative Mompreneur program to empower stay at home moms. The program offers a lucrative means of financial sustenance to those moms who have left their formal jobs for the sake of nursing their kids.  As of now, 50 mothers across India have enrolled in the program and 1000 more applications have been received by the company for enrollment. Reema Batta, CMO, Babyhugz says: “Our program is supporting Babyhugz in escalating its brand awareness in tier II and III cities. The program is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program, where mothers have to enroll more members in it. This is a one of its kind program that doesn't require the enrolled person to invest or deliver products to anyone.”

= Rajat Sikka, Founder, says: “We have a unique opportunity for women. Our website allows a house wife to become financially independent and to earn anywhere from Rs 2000-3000 per month. All she has to do is become a member of Saiesta's Sales Associate Club and spread the word about the site to her friends and social network. When they shop, she earns a commission.

= Flexi career India focuses on empowering women through meaningful careers. As per the brand, the workforce participation rate of women in India is around 26%, way below the 40 to 42% rate seen in other Asian countries. The brand provides opportunities in corporate houses for women to work part-time, flexi-time and full-time basis.

Next step

Nita Mehta Cooking Classes are over 30 years old but the brand has started franchising since the last one year only. It currently has four centres in Delhi and are soon opening centres in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Nita Mehta plans to have over 100 centres pan India in the next 3 years.

SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals aims to widen its footprint by opening 200 outlets pan-India by Q3 2017 via the franchise model. AVTAR Career Creators and FLEXI Careers India conducts SEGUE Sessions, India's first large format skill-building and career creation event for women on career break. The brand has conducted 12 SEGUE Sessions and nearly 3000 women have participated in the SEGUE Sessions held in these cities.  The Holiday Expert channel of MakeMyTrip was launched in 2012. It has already grown to a 1000-plus network and plans to grow further more.

Facts file on working women

  • As per Quartz India report in 2014, India ranks the second lowest in the Group of 20 (G20) economies when it comes to women’s participation in the workforce, according to a report published by aid group Oxfam.
  • In women’s economic participation, India’s position seems fixed at the bottom even when we compare it to the entire world and not just the 20 major economies. It ranks 124 out of 136 nations, according to a World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • As of 2015, total female population in India is around 622 mn. A report in 2013, Women in informal employment globalising & organising shows that in recent years urban home-based work grew faster. This is reflected in the steady increase in the numbers of urban home-based workers to 16.9 mn in 2011-12.
  • On an average, Indian women spend 300 minutes more than men per day on unpaid work—the highest difference in the world.




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