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Jan, 05 2015

Lessons to become a successful edupreneur

Are you seeking a business opportunity in education biz with a proven background & established system?

Seth M R Jaipuria brings forth more than six decades of expertise in education sector and offers best bet for edupreneurs.

As confirmed by India Ratings: “The Indian education sector’s market size is likely to increase to Rs 602,410 crore ($109.84 billion) by FY15 due to the expected strong demand for quality education. Indian education sector’s market size in FY12 was approx Rs. 341,180 crore.” This makes clear that education business is set to swing into high gear.  All these factors have given a boost to the organised players in the education industry and only a handful of them are further consolidating each category in education pan-India to further offer quality education to the children who are the future of our country. One of the renowned players is Seth M R Jaipuria Schools; they have been in the field of edycation since 1945 and have established schools and higher education institutions of national repute. The brand is now seeking partners  for giving quality education to the desiring students nationwide.

Brand that boasts of a bright education system

It is often said that ‘If you want to build a great nation, build an educated society first’. With that philosophy, the House of Jaipuria- including the Integral Education Society, Ginni International Limited, and Ginni Global Limited- ventured into education in 1945 with the set up of the Jaipuria College, Calcutta, and since then, they have grown to include K-12 schools and management institutes that have set benchmarks for creativity, innovation and nurturing leaders of tomorrow. Their school at Gomti Nagar Lucknow and the management institutes in Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore have made a mark of excellence across the country.

Seth MR Jaipuria School Lucknow has measured up to the expectations of the people of Lucknow and its neighboring areas and become a role model in the field of quality education.

Spreading the light of knowledge pan-India

The organised K-12 education sector is a relatively new phenomenon in India. In today's environment parents want every edge that they can get for their kids even in remote towns, which is why pre-school and K-12 sector is emerging as a great business opportunity. If one looks at the tier II and tier III cities, the penetration of high quality schools is still low there however the demand for growth in these cities is exponential.

The management at Seth MR Jaipuria is keen to collaborate with edupreneurs across the country who can help the brand to fulfil its ambition of giving the best quality education to children across India.

Reaching to tier II and III towns pan India has become mandatory for them, on their expansion in these towns via collaboration, Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, Jaipuria Group says: “Schools in tier II and tier III cities often do not have access to the best teaching learning resources, training opportunities for faculty and other pedagogical innovations. Although, there would be many entrepreneurs who could invest in infrastructure, a single school does not have the ability to invest heavily in academic best practices and innovations.

Therefore, at Jaipuria, we took upon ourselves the responsibility of building a team that understands teaching best practices, can train teachers, and create modern teaching learning materials, which empower teachers across different schools to deliver in the classroom at par with the best schools in the country. Moreover we invested in understanding and developing operational best practices right from school design, branding, information technology infrastructure and many more related issues. We have an in-house team of experts as well as renowned external consultants working on all these factors.”

Seeking edupreneurs

Seth MR Jaipuria Schools is on a look out for partners all over India. Presently, the brand has two schools operational and five under implementation by April 2015 at various cities and 10 other schools at various stage of construction. The prospective edupreneurs seeking association with the brand must have good knowledge about their city/town they want to operate a school in. The company wishes to partner with investors at local levels who can set up the school and look after the operational part of the school whilst the management can facilitate adequate delivery of their support required for curriculum, teacher training, staff appointments, etc. The brand is planning to leverage their experience and expertise in education at the national level via this model.

The most important aspect for the management is that a Jaipuria School student would get access to most modern curriculum, and methods of teaching irrespective of whether he or she is in a tier I, tier II or tier III city. The level of detailing of learning at Jaipuria for the student is indeed revolutionary in the Indian school system

This would be a tremendous business opportunity. It would be a partnership for profits. The company charges an upfront fee and yearly service fee from the investors. On offering support, Shreevats Jaipuria says: “I can say with full confidence that we are best in class in providing support to our partner schools. Our innovative pedagogy, the zeal and enthusiasm and the promises of the known brand name would augur well for the future of the students.”

Train to grow

The company has a fairly detailed orientation and training and development processes for all the partners. The school Principal undergoes a orientation at the Corporate Office, and the teachers are trained on site to be well versed with their curriculum and processes. The management offers training to the teacher and administrative staff of the school on a quarterly basis. They also take the teachers of the partner school through a journey to map the curricular vision of Jaipuria Schools with the understanding of how students learn and its implications in classroom teaching-learning.

Regarding audit, the brand  does not wish to have any 'surprise' checks at the schools. There is an annual audit which is scheduled in advance, the purpose of which is to provide information to the school about its collective strengths and areas of improvement.


Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools is part of the INR 600+ Crore Jaipuria Group, having interest in Textile, Power and Education. The group is headed by renowned industrialist Mr. Sharad Jaipuria. Sharad Jaipuria is immediate past President PHD Chamber of Commerce, President of the DMA (Denim Manufacturers Association of India), and President of NITMA (North India Textile Mills Association).  He believes there is humongous opportunity for education especially in smaller towns of India. Catch a glimpse of the trends of this industry, and how the group has overcome challenges to carve a niche.

Discuss in brief about your company profile.

The Jaipuria Group ventured into education in 1945 and since then, we have grown to include schools and management institutes that have set benchmarks for creativity, innovation and nurturing leaders of tomorrow. There is a legacy of seven decades in education with excellence across the board.  The Seth M.R. Jaipuria School Lucknow, established in 1992, and the Jaipuria Institutes of Management in Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore have ensured that today, ‘Jaipuria’ has been a name synonymous with quality education in India. We are very happy to collaborate with edupreneurs across the country who are helping with the humble beginnings we have made in this direction of expansion of our schools, and hope for everyone’s continued support and good wishes for this endeavor.

The House of Jaipuria also has Ginni InternationalLimited, an established textile manufacturing company in India. It is recognized as one of the largest and better manufacturers of international standard cotton yarn, grey fabric and denim fabric in India and overseas; and Ginni Global Limited, an independent power producer, engaged in the production of renewable and non-renewable energy.

What have been the major challenges and how have you been able to overcome the same?

In a short space of 2 years, we have emerged as a strong player in the schools space. We have been recognized by many investors as providing most in-depth solutions to them in comparison to other brands which have been present in market for decades.

Our competitive edge will continue to be driven through high levels of service and engagement with investors. We are a one-stop shop for ensuring academic excellence, operational efficiency and high degree of branding and visibility of any school.

What all new trends have you witnessed in K-12 education industry in India?

There are new trends emerging in the field of education which has completely changed the traditional held perceptions about education in India. Multi-school chain is one thing that stands out. Being part of a school chain is undoubtedly a good decision as it offers an edupreneur a pre-set model of working, wherein all the components are readily available. One gets expertise of an established player with proven work strategies.

The student also gets many benefits being part of a multi-school chain. Usually, such schools have the ability to invest in innovative teaching learning methods, and teacher training more than single schools. Moreover, there is oversight and benchmarking possible in such schools.







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