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Apr, 02 2015

“Lingerie is no more a secret category”

Vivek Mehta, CEO of MAS Brands India that owns the brand amanté is confident of the fast changing trends in the lingerie industry.

With his 16 years of rich experience, a passionate golfer, IIT-D and IIM-A alumni, Mehta is all set to take the brand to another stratum. Read more on the further moves of the brand in India.

Tell us about amanté.

Launched exclusively in India in October 2007, amanté is an international lingerie brand, offering confidence, glamour and sensuality to the modern Asian woman. amanté is a part of MAS Brands which is a subsidiary of MAS Holdings,  South Asia's largest supplier of niche market intimate wear, the brand embodies 25 years of excellence held by the conglomerate in lingerie manufacturing. MAS Holdings' fully integrated supply chain and design offices are in New York, London & Hong Kong that offers premium products set to the latest international trends and styling, manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Since when have you established yourself in Srilanka and how do you operate there?

With a vision to be the leading premium lingerie brand in the Asian region, amanté entered the Sri Lankan market, equipped with the extensive learning and experience acquired from the Indian market. amanté opened its first exclusive store in Sri Lanka in December 2013 which is  a benchmark in the industry. The brand plans to open outlets in India too in the coming year. The brand's mission focuses on understanding the evolving needs of the contemporary Sri Lankan woman, and to cater to her unique silhouette, style and preference.

Why have you chosen franchise route to expand? Any reasons.

amante is present in 50 Indian cities and is yet to start an exclusive store via franchise route. amante follows three business models- large shop-in-shops (250), Retail via multi brand outlets (MBOs) (600) and also their e-commerce portal. The brand plans to set up its first exclusive brand outlet (EBO) in Bangalore by end of 2015.

Any prerequisites for the partner.

We need dedicated Indian partners who believe in our values and opt for a long term partnership. We see longetivity. I believe, for a premium brand like amante, premium sensibility is required.”

Who is your target audience?

The brand's target audience comprises of women between the age of 22-45 who are now aware of international fashion trends, and make decisions based not solely on fiscal values, but rather on their requirements and preferences.

What per cent of franchisees you have as women franchisees globally?

MAS Holdings is the largest employer in Srilanka and has 70,000 people employed with 80-90 percent workforce as women. The brand also has internal programs to support women.

What are your plans for 2015-16?

By end of 2015, we plan to open at least 2-3 stores.

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