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Apr, 02 2015

Fabulous & remarkable opportunities in Hyderabad

The 79th edition of National Franchise Retail and SME Show in Hyderabad on 8th & 9th March, 2015 witnessed grand success & huge attendance.

The show opened gateway of growth for entrepreneurs. The two day expo & Startup Summit offered a wonderful platform to highly evolved prospects and qualified business brands & investors. Here's the event report.

FRO Hyderabad Expo and Startup Summit was one of the largest business sector trade shows in Hyderabad. Franchise Retail & SME Show in Hyderabad was held at HICC and was instrumental in helping participants get acquainted with the latest market trends and profitable business opportunities. Participants had the option to attend the interactive conference sessions and educational seminars that were scheduled during the show. A large number of noted retail brands, franchisors, product wholesalers, suppliers, real estate professionals and turnkey project executives participated as exhibitors at the show, which also offered grand corporate networking opportunities.

The show was attended by more than 5000 investors, with potential investors in F&B retail, education brands and consumer services being some of the main attendees. New products were introduced at the show as well and the event boasted of a significant contingent of renowned participants too.

The Favoured Destination

The  show   was a great success underscoring the point that Hyderabad is a favoured destination for investors from across the world. The above snapshots give an update on blooming business opportunities in Hyderabad.

Why Hyderabad

While some brands are already doing very well across Hyderabad, others have well-built plans to launch soon. Hyderabad is giving growth opportunities to every sector.

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