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Apr, 02 2015

A genius business opportunity for genuine returns

The invention of Nano Science Lab by Genius Edu Labs Pvt Ltd (GEL) has left the students & teachers in awe because of its amazing functionality & results. Being pioneers in the education industry, GEL has already proven its success in South India. The b

Gone are the days when schools had to spend additional bucks on setting up a science laboratory and managing the supply of general items like acids, chemicals or other equipments for conducting experiments. In order to provide a cost effective yet movable way out to schools, Hyderabad-based brand  GEL has recently come up with a novel concept of movable Nano Science Laboratory that helps teachers to make science lectures more interactive and facilitating 100 per cent participation of students in class. This new concept of mobile science lab is the brainchild of two best friends turned business partners who conducted in-depth market research to carve out a niche in the education industry and providing a cost effective solution to schools.  Through an ultramodern idea of portable science laboratory, the company is set to take off entire k-12 education sector to a new level. It will progressively grow and will set new benchmarks by making science education more accessible within rural as well as metros cities. It is anticipated that the most convenient and a cost-effective concept of movable science labs will certainly act as major catalyst of growth and will create a massive social impact.

Company's vision

GEL is now aiming to make a high impact on education industry by tapping one lakh schools which will be equipped with Nano Science Labs. Also, minimum of two lakh science teachers will be empowered with attributive teaching technique which will further inspire 12 lakh students every year.

With an endeavour to boost science education, GEL will be distributing its Nano Science Labs in various schools across the country by partnering with franchisees. The franchisees will be responsible for targeting schools in a defined market and sell movable science labs to cater to the need of science students.  The brand will seal deals with Master Franchisees in a particular region or geographical area, who will further appoint sub franchisees to spread their brand's reach to uncharted markets.

USP of Nano Science Lab

= Nano Science Lab is presented as an alternative to the traditional science laboratory in high school education. It comes with extraordinary features of portability and cost efficiency.

= This lab can be very conveniently moved on wheels from one class to another and it is stuffed with all the necessary chemicals, lab apparatus and general items which are used to perform science experiments. More than 200 experiments in Physics and Chemistry from CBSE/ ICSE/State syllabus can be easily performed.

= A guiding manual along with this product explains procedures, steps to follow while dealing with each activity. Directions on how to use the chemicals, lab apparatus and other general items are very carefully explained in this document.

= There is a safety gear set which consists of Apron, Gloves, Mask and Plain glasses which boost the confidence of the teacher and students while performing the experiments.

= For a right use of Nano Science Lab, GEL ensures to train two science teachers and empowers them with a lifetime skill-set of attributive teaching technique during three days' workshop.

Nano Science Lab: A franchisable product

Education sector is turning out to be more innovative. All thanks to the new tactics incorporated by educationists who believe in imparting quality yet interactive education via simplistic technique which is affordable and compatible for end users. Nowadays, product franchising in education sector is the newest rage and to deal with a major challenge of constructing a full-fledged laboratory, GEL has introduced a novel concept wherein it aspires to create a revolution in the education industry. Via its portable Nano Science Lab, GEL aims to educate students through science practicals by making science lectures more interactive for learners so that they are able to grasp practical and theoretical knowledge altogether. Enlightening about franchising and their expectations ahead, Bala Bhaskar, Managing Director, Genius Edu Lab Pvt Ltd, says: “Franchise model is the simplest way of addressing market potential of meeting 1.4 million schools pan-India to be equipped with science labs. To have a wider market penetration, we plan to have 21 Master Franchisees across India. We will be appointing one Master Franchisee who will further add 10 sub franchisees within his state.” In terms of maintaining quality standards, GEL assures to support teachers through its rigorous training methodology. In fact, Nano Science Lab and its contents suffice the prerequisites of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) guidelines.

In terms of giving training and support to prospective franchisees, the company will guide and train its franchisees through a proper knowledge of the Business Operating Procedures (BOP) of its product, sales training, identifying potential sub-franchisees for a better RoI and profitable business expansion. The company believes in hand holding exercises to ensure smooth operations of the sales' cycle. Moving further, Sucharita T, Executive Director, Genius Edu Labs Pvt Ltd, adds: “By 2020, we are aspiring to equip two lakh schools with Nano Science Labs which will empower four lakh teachers and will inspire millions of students towards scientific innovations across the world.”

Advantages of Nano Science Lab

= School management can save up to 65 per cent of chemical wastage in their annual purchases as the quantities procured from local market will not be available in smaller quantities as the company supplies.

= The consumables and quantities are supplied by the company which would be sufficient for one academic year to teach all high school level classes from 5th to 10th.

= The yearly recurring costs on Lab maintenance and consumables purchase can be curtailed with their refilling scheme.

= The schools planning for a traditional lab can save 100 per cent on space and construction costs due to the portability.

= Teachers can get a life time skill-set for teaching science in most accurate way and inspire the next generation kids towards research and scientific innovations.

= 60-70 teaching hours per academic year can be saved by the teachers and the same can be utilised.

= Teachers can have the comfort of practical and theory sessions within the classroom and can achieve 100 per cent student engagement and participation throughout the class.

To stay ahead of competitors, GEL plans to come up with innovative products in multiple verticals of school education.  Informing about the strategies they follow, Bala Bhaskar says: “Our customer retention programmes always engage us with the market. Being a patent pending product, we enjoy first mover advantage for the years to come. Our franchisee network can easily penetrate into the market with this product and make a big impact for further innovations ensuring premium market share within the industry.”

Doubling footprint

To expand faster, the brand is looking forward to partner with existing dealers of education products, teams with reputed track in customer service and self -sufficient individuals or company. Apart from the regular margins, the company also offers special incentives to the Master Franchisees on their performance, customer retention and support to sub franchisee. For spreading wings across unexplored markets with potential, the company plans to have 21 Master Franchisees across India. GEL looks ahead to spread the reach of its Nano Science Labs in the topmost educational hubs within metros, tier II and III cities.

It's time to invest in avant-garde concept of 'Portable Science Labs' to create a revolution in education industry as it is anticipated to pick up pace progressively and will be a win-win situation for both  franchisees and schools.

Professionals turned edupreneurs

Bala Bhaskar: With fourteen years of expertise and successful career in insurance and new media industry, Bala Bhaskar who is currently spearheading the brandwagon of Genius Edu Labs Pvt Ltd, started his entrepreneurial journey by kicking off an educational portal in supplementary education and prepared students for IIT- JEE. After travelling consecutively for three years and visiting 3,000 schools, he witnessed a gap in teaching techniques Vs student engagement in their education system. Through his extensive research, he found that schools across India lacked basic infrastructure like classrooms, Science labs, toilets, library and teaching aids. Considering the challenges, he felt that there is a constant need of empowering teachers with new teaching techniques to ensure 100 per cent student participation in science classes. To deal with challenges, he strategised and brought forth two major points by focussing on  training teachers with new skill-set called attributive teaching technique to enhance students' involvement in class practicals. After brainstorming for six months, the duo came up with a ground breaking idea of a launching Nano Science Laboratory which is portable, accessible and cost effective. 

Sucharita T: She plays a pivotal role in managing the brand’s operations. She has fourteen years of rich experience in corporate and NGO with a specialised focus on quality training and skill development programmes, which inspired her to work towards empowering the new generation children.  She firmly believes that when two minds think alike and goal matches then it takes very less time to understand each other and going becomes easy. Sharing about her journey, she says: “Though our journey started with a good learning, our concept got wings when we met Dr. Vijay Kumar, Chairman, Vijay Nirman Company Pvt. Ltd of Visakhaptnam who is known for his philanthropic activities. This is when we understood, we could work for the society and still make profits by providing solutions to the education sector.”


It’s a Eureka moment for Hyderabad based Genius Edu Labs Pvt Ltd, which has lately come up with one-of-its-kind initiative in education sector that aims to target schools, teachers, students and aspiring franchisees. ‘Nano Science Lab’ is a cost effective and a portable science lab, which is specially designed for K-12 schools for conducting physics and chemistry experiments.


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