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Jun, 07 2014

Franchisee’s success=your success

In a dialogue with TFW's Ekta Sharma Verma, Amit Singh, Strategic Business Unit Head, EuroKids talks about his professional journey and how he created an unbeaten franchise network. Read on.....

Take us through your professional journey.

After completing my post graduation in Management, I joined AMUL in the Frozen Products division looking after Mumbai city. I joined EuroKids in the year 2003 and have steadily grown in the organisation. I joined as Regional Manager- South and then subsequently got promoted as National Manager. After spending more than a decade and being a part of an extremely satisfying and exhilarating journey, today, I head the Strategic Business Unit of the flagship brand EuroKids (The Pre-School division) at EuroKids International.

For how long have you been associated with the brand?

My journey with EuroKids began in the year 2003 and since has been a very fruitful and enjoyable journey.

What according to you are the three skills needed to be a successful franchise professional?

Most important are your leadership and communication skills. Being able to maintain clear lines of communication between various parties, and to lead all different business partners towards one common goal is very significant. It is also very critical for a franchise professional to have sound financial understanding to ensure smooth flow of business. After all of the above, hard work finally determines whether you are successful or not.

One strategy that helped you create a successful franchise network?

The key to building a successful franchise system starts with planning. Franchising your business is not the same as opening a duplicate of your current operations  there are many more facets which get added to a franchise relationship.

One must be clear on several objectives of the business such as the operating model, growth strategy, territory planning, legal requirements, internal resource allocations, etc before and during the process of creation of franchise network.

What major hurdles have you faced while building a franchise network? How did you go about addressing those issues?

Over the past decade there have been many challenges but we have persevered with rigid doggedness and have built a business proposition in the early child care education pace which is very unique in India. We also hope to replicate this success in the K-12 segment and have taken some bold steps in this direction. In the early stages of EuroKids, one of the biggest challenges was getting the acceptance of our curriculum amongst our parental group. Our curriculum was not radical but at the same time it was developed as per the child's developmental requirements and clearly was not in vogue at the time we started.   It took us time and effort to communicate the benefits of a developmentally appropriate curriculum but we persevered and parents could see the merit in our approach to teaching and learning in the Pre-School segment. 

Your leadership mantra

We can only be successful, if our franchisees are successful first.

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