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Jul, 07 2014

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In a candid conversation with Rashi Mathur of TFW, Vivek Biyani, Director, Big Bazaar Direct discussed the inspiration of launching the brand Big Bazaar Direct and its expansion plans via franchising model.

Enumerate about Big Bazaar Direct.

Big Bazaar Direct is a franchise- based model wherein the franchisees will be provided a 3G internet enabled tablet which would contain information about all its products and offers along with high quality images. The schemes and prices listed will be same as offered at Big Bazaar retail outlet. In this innovative 'aided e-commerce' model, Big Bazaar Direct franchisee holder will take customer's order over a tablet that will be integrated with the back end of Big Bazaar. Then Big Bazaar team will deliver customer's order at their doorstep within three to seven days. The customer will receive a confirmation SMS after the order and payment is completed.

Future group had never entered franchise arena ever since its existence, but now it did so. Why?

Big Bazaar Direct is a business model that brings forth the power of entrepreneurship. This model does not require much of space and manpower. What it needs the most is entrepreneurial ability. Big Bazaar attracts 30 crore footfalls presently and targets to achieve 60crore footfalls. The desired franchise model will help us fill this gap of 30 crore that lies in between. It will allow us to dwell deep into small towns, even in areas like Amaravati and Chandrapura of Maharashtra.

What are your expansion plans via franchising?

At present we have about 400 franchisees associated with the Big Bazaar Direct across Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi. We are aiming for 50,000 over next three years.

What are your requirements in terms of investment?

Big Bazaar Direct is a revolutionary business model with a mix of digitization and brick-n-mortar store.  Big Bazaar Direct allows everyone, whether shopkeepers, aspiring entrepreneurs, home makers as well as different types of service providers to become a Big Bazaar Direct franchisee with an investment of Rs. Three lakh. Out of this amount, Rs one lakh is the refundable security deposit. Rs one lakh is the set-up charge for the Big Bazaar Direct tablet, initial branding, an year's training and launch material. The remaining Rs. One lakh will be used as an advance payment of franchisee, which will be used for placing orders. Big Bazaar Direct franchisee gets associated with the Big Bazaar brand with no working capital and has a huge opportunity to excel as an entrepreneur.

What additional training and benefits you will be providing to the franchisee?

We endeavour to provide proper training to our franchisees especially in technical area as they will be required to conduct business over 3G Internet enabled tablet. We educate them on management of inventory. Other key benefits include comprehensive start-up and on-going training. Stock and delivery will be the responsibility of Big Bazaar. Customised, local traffic-driving marketing campaign support will be given from Big Bazaar. Last but not the least, cost of operations is significantly lower with no rent and electricity cost.

Elaborate more about Future Group.

Future Group operates some of India's most popular retail chains including Central, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Home Town and eZone. It has allied businesses in life and non-life insurance, logistics, infrastructure, supply chain and brand development. Future Group believes in developing strong insights on Indian consumers and building businesses based on Indian ideas, as espoused in the group's core value of 'Indianness.' The group's corporate credo is, 'Rewrite rules, Retain values'.

What is the motto of your business model?

No need to stock and deliver products, Big Bazaar will do it for you.

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