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Jan, 06 2014

When profits click for you

Beginning in 1934 as Japan's pioneer photographic film maker, Fujifilm has leveraged its imaging and information technology to become a global name known for innovation in photo imaging, graphic arts, optical devices, highly functional materials and other

As the brand looks forward to large scale expansion in India, L Centhil Nathan, Executive Vice President, Photo Imaging Division, Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd. talks to TFW's Parina Sood about the opportunity that the brand is offering.

Take us through Fujifilm, what is the USP of your brand?

Anchored by an open, fair and clear corporate culture with leading-edge, proprietary technologies; Fujifilm is determined to remain a leading company by boldly taking up the challenge of developing new products and creating new values.

Instax range of instant cameras is a unique proposition that excites people of all ages alike and hence becomes a useful tool for business enterprises by catering to today's younger generation who is more fun loving and time conscious.

How many centers do you have at present? What are your expansion plans? Any specific geographical area that you would want to target?

At present we are working with a niche group of hundred dealers who are catered to through twenty distributors across major cities, especially metros. Primarily, we are looking at expanding in tier I and tier II towns and expand base in existing markets by reaching out through two hundred retailers.

Tell us about the opportunity you are offering to your future associates? What support can the new partners expect from you?

As the market is becoming highly competitive, we need to have a winning edge. Enterprises need unique product offerings and solutions. Thus, Fujifilm strives to constantly evolve methodologies of doing business and customise solutions to meet user requirements. We at Fujifilm strongly believe in offering innovative and unique products to our channel partners.

Why did you opt for the dealer-distributorship model for your brand? Any plans of foraying into franchising since many of your competitors are already into it?

The GTM (Go to Market) plan has been designed on the conventional lines because of the pre-existent strong network in place. Moreover, this product has a common consumer base in the existing market place. Franchise models operate successfully in other parts of the world and so, we are proposing to have a similar model in India as well.

What requirements need to be fulfilled for securing a dealership/ distributorship with your brand?

Primary requirement would be to have an existing business in consumer durable or similar segment for a minimum of 3-4 years. Preferred location would be any of the metros, with candidates dealing in imaging products or consumer electronics. Investment for the same would be around Rs 2-5 lakh.

What challenges do you encounter? How do you overcome them?

The Indian consumer is very well aware of the global trends and hence wants products and services to be made available at affordable prices.Since ours is a unique product, educating and creating a need based solution is the key to overcome the challenges, if any.

Where do you see your brand and your industry on the whole, five years down the line?

Fujifilm Group has been pursuing diversification based on highly versatile fundamental technologies, cultivated in fields such as photosensitised materials and xerography. It also deals with core technologies that contribute to distinctive performance and cost. As a result, the group now operates varied businesses.

We would continue to be the market leader in imaging business and provide innovative solutions to the consumers.

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