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Apr, 01 2014

‘Palenge’ profits

‘Moolah’ Mantra for success

From a start-up with an investment of just few thousand rupees, has grown into a successful e-commerce business portal company in just two years. The brand offers business portal software for SMEs and MSMEs via which they can have their own customised online stores in just Rs 999. To spread its reach to the length and breadth in India, is seeking franchisees pan India.

Most people begin their professional lives working with fast-food jobs or retail gigs, but Ashutosh Pyasi, age 26, isn't most people. Ashutosh, Co-Founder and MD,, now a successful serial entrepreneur, had always desired to launch a business that has national reach and which could give under privileged a platform to connect globally at dirt cheap prices.

The enthusiastic entrepreneur named its brand because he always had an aspiration to overcome the challenges he had witnessed since his childhood of not being technically updated.  Palenge in its tagline itself suggest that 'we expand your business' and this is what they endeavour to do. is a B2B brand that sells business portal software through which a retailer can connect to its clientele globally. A customer after spending just Rs 999 monthly can have his own customised business portal with active payment gateways and all other marketing solutions under the same umbrella. This software has specially been designed keeping in mind to promote the business of lakhs of SMEs and MSMEs. Via, any odd kirana store in a village too can build an online store.

With a high customer loyalty among the current customers, Palenge Digital Marketing is a technology service provider for online presence and digital marketing services. With over 150+ unique retailers and manufacturers across the world the company has a tested and successful prototype of current business model and enables retailers (both Corp. and SMEs) to leverage the benefits of technology platforms, particularly for the purpose of client acquisition and products marketing through internet, mobile and social media. Consequently, “” is a one stop solution for all the digital commerce need to the retailers and helps them in sales, marketing, procurement and delivery of products.

E-commerce B2B business:

Golden future

 The Indian direct-to-consumer e-commerce market is likely to double in size to more than $3 billion within three years, and could grow to reach $15 billion by 2017. Also India's online customer base of around 20 million shoppers could increase as much as 1400% and reach 300 million shoppers within 10 years. Looking at the market potential, strongly believes that time is right to be in e-commerce business, because even though the market has been developing since 2000 it's still very early on in the development stage.

Franchise opportunity

The concept of online buying is downloading at a fast pace in the mind of the Indian buyers. In the metros, shortage of time is a big driver for online retailing. On the other hand, inaccessibility to a variety of products at smaller towns has lead to the birth of's software gives each brand the reach it requires through its multiple digital marketing solutions under one roof.  Having started with a successful prototype called 'Palenge', the brand now wishes to spread out its wings via franchise route .

When asked Ashutosh about foraying into franchising, he said: “The Company's key focus is to take the SMEs to the next phase of expansion in Indian e-commerce industry and this can only happen through franchising.” 

He also added: “Since the franchise invests money in the business, therefore he totally shows interest and stake in the business. I strongly believe that after investing his hard earned money the franchisee will bring more efficiencies, better control to the franchise business thus likely to have a profitable business venture. FOFO ( franchisee owned and franchisee operated) business model is expected to bring sustainability and independent scalability to the franchisee.”

Franchise requisites

To partner with, the prospective franchisees at all levels from a Regional Franchisee to a business associate must possess the quality of being passionate about e-commerce else the survival would be difficult. The franchisee must have good local knowledge about his area and have knowledge of the respective regional language to further network with his clients and colleagues.

The most significant ingredient of becoming a Palenge franchisee is its investment. Unlike other brands, the company has a refundable fee model that makes the business proposition better as it offers the franchisee attractive payback and great return on investment.  The investment varies at all levels. The topmost in the hierarchy is the Regional Franchisee who has to pay a refundable amount of Rs 1200000. Moving to the next level, each unit franchisee under the Regional franchisee pays a lump sum of Rs 4,00000 and that too is refundable. Last but most lucrative opportunity is for Business Associates, who only have to invest an amount of Rs 1,50,000 and in return they receive an Executive MBA Degree along with a  decent share of the profit in selling the software and most importantly,  hands on training with the leading e-commerce brand. If the prospective partners are tech-friendly and have updated knowledge of e commerce, then it's an added advantage.

Handholding to download growth

Training and support is like Salt, without this ingredient the franchise business model is tasteless, hence it is of utmost significance. The training that the brand will offer its franchisees will cover lessons and hands-on training on product installation, operations, daily administration, lead management, account management, marketing and requirements. The key account managers in all cities will also provide on-side assistance, primarily covering the doubts/queries countered during sales conversation and client servicing.  The franchisee would be assisted in right location selection, designing of the office. The franchisor will assist in organizing local promotional activities and events. Printed materials like brochures, pamphlets, flex banners, etc. shall be provided on cost basis. Local advertisement would be done by franchisee while national level advertisement/ promotions shall be carried out by the franchisor.

Whereas technology and operations are concerned, a comprehensive training would be provided to the franchisees on service operations such as running of the software/server, monthly maintenance of the systems by reformatting them for longevity.  The franchisor will pay a major role in staff acquisition and retention, equipment maintenance, customer handling, control check on support structure for each of the franchisee.


Presently the brand is looking at appointing in total of 18 Regional Franchisees that will almost cover all major states in India. The Regional Franchisees will further have 10 Unit Franchisees each under their assigned territory and then the each Unit Franchisee will appoint 12 Business associates to further sell the software. What could get better than this? is offering business opportunity at all the levels. Time is right to partner with the brand and reap rich dividends.


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£ No Transaction Fee

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Passion, Power and Palenge

They say good things come to those who are patient. Ashutosh Pyasi, a 26 year old young entrepreneur has proved the same. At the age of 17, determined and focused, Ashutosh moved to the city of Jabalpur from a remote village, Belgahna in Bilaspur for running a successful business that has a nationwide reach and is affordable. He made this business mission possible by launching a successful business portal called in the year 2013. In a candid conversation with Beny Sachdeva, he discusses in detail his entrepreneurial journey and his aim to take to every corner across the globe.


Discuss in brief your entrepreneurial journey.

Being the eldest son in the family, that too backed by a single parent, I had always focused to achieve

(Palenge) few things in life within certain timeframe. Hailing from a small village Belgahna in Chhattisgarh, I have done my schooling from there. The pivot point in my life was moving to the city Jabalpur, where I started my first venture at the age of 17. I began with home tutoring business and then ventured into real estate business, as this was the only business to churn fast cash flow to reach the final goal and that was too launch a e-commerce business portal which is affordable to all.

What kind of challenges did you face to launch your business model?

As compared to other countries e-commerce awareness is very low in India. India has big SME'S market but due to lack of literacy the adaptability for new things like e-commerce is a challenge. The approach to the market is not that much easy because for e-commerce segment, creating awareness to the people who don't have computer literacy, education etc. is a major roadblock. But I can vouch for it that with the pace Internet virus is spreading we can easily overcome the challenge.

What kind of growth have you attained so far?

We have successful clients who are sitting in tier three towns of India and are doing online business in Australia, Austin, South Africa,  Canada and many other countries just because of


But what do entrepreneurs learn from it? The inspirational story of clearly speaks of a never-say-die approach and willpower. The young man concluded by saying that apart from sincerity and focus, what's really important for a business man is to have adaptability to change.

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